Monday, February 10, 2014

February 10, 2014 - Closer to the edge, Mosiah 20:10-11

"Now I'm closer to the edge"
Can't believe this is it.  Last full week.  Make it count. 
I stepped into this world of diligence and love two years and two days ago.  I have fought as it describes in Mosiah 20:10-11, "as a lion... and for their lives... and like dragons." This is my pinnacle, my shining moment, my masterpiece, and all glory be to God.  I will work this week as I've never known myself to work, I will serve this week as I've never known myself to serve, and I will love this week as I've never known myself to love.  This isn't about me however.  This is all about Him. 
I have seen Him here in DC.  I saw Him in the eyes of the first deaf Ethiopians I taught here.  I saw Him in the brothers and sisters that faithfully attend church every Sunday despite living paycheck to paycheck, and in neighborhoods where I never would have dreamed of living before my mission.  I saw Him in the laughing and crying children every week in church, at the park, on the streets.  Most recently I have seen him as my dear friend, Z A, got dressed in white and was baptized.  I have seen Jesus Christ all around me.  I hope others see Him in me.
Am I ready to come home?  I have found peace with it.  It is OK.  It was meant to be an ending so that I could experience the joy of a beginning again.  The Lord wants us to love things so deeply and so tenderly and then to give them to Him just as we give Him the things that we don't love about ourselves: our sins, trials, and pains.  The total commitment that is consecration comes in gifts great and small that we give to the Savior. 
I know I have been and will continue to be engaged in the greatest work that has ever been.  I know that the Lord and Savior of whom we speak and seek is this Jesus Christ, of whom the Bible and Book of Mormon testify.  I know that Jesus Christ restored His church and worked through a man, Joseph Smith.  I know Joseph saw what he said he saw.  I know that the temple is the House of God on the earth, and I love to see the temple.  I know that the family is so important that the appointment as the fundamental unit of society was not only given to us by God, it is part of what makes God.  God is our Heavenly Father.  He love us and wants us to be with him.  He gives us mountains to climb, hills to sled down, valleys to walk, and rivers to cross so that we can come closer to Him both in the journey and desination.
Man's extremity is God's opportunity.  Now I'm closer to the edge.

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