Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

Hey Mom, thanks for the email! I have in my front pocket right now a letter I was supposed to send you last week but it didn't get out the door haha. It also has in it a letter to the 13th ward Young Women, they send me some stuff recently and I wanted to write back so could you make sure it gets to them? Thanks. Anyway we had a super great week, we've picked up 4 new investigators since last Wednesday. I'm gonna copy and past from my letter to President Matsumori that gives the gist of it then I'll add some on:
We got a referral from the Laurel sisters, a Native American man whom they had taught a few times. He has the Spirit with him strongly, it makes me think of the lines in the Book of Mormon that talk about the Gospel coming to the Lamanites in the last days. He says a voice is telling him to keep reading. So we picked up one investigator last Thursday. We had a Monday mighty miracle at the Visitor Center. We were standing there waiting for a potential investigator when another potential walked in whom we had tried to contact through email to no avail. We immediately began teaching him. He wants to learn so much and is so willing. When I set up another appointment for Friday he thought he was going to get baptized that day and said yes! We told him there's more he needs to learn but it was amazing. Then the potential who we were originally waiting for came in after the lesson finished and she brought a friend. We taught them as well and their desire to learn was impressive as well. So Monday we picked up 3 new investigators and had 2 other lessons. I remember your counsel to me at interviews, "The success is in the invitation." So I've been trying to live and teach and do and say things that invite others to follow Christ. These are real people, and I have spent lots of time recently trying to envision them in all white, getting ready for the baptismal font.

The Native American is D, he's super awesome and is one of the most ready people I've met if our first lesson was any inclination of things to come. The random guy is K, a man from Sri Lanka who has moved around a ton, he has a wife and two sons in Sri Lanka still. He is Buddhist but wants to become Christian. L is the girl we were waiting for. She has seen the temple and talked to some missionaries before but doesn't understand why we're different so she wants to learn more. She brought C, a super smart guy who goes to the U of Maryland and is studying Marine Biology. He is originally from the Bahamas and Miami. He has seen the change our religion has placed upon one of his friends and wants to learn more deeply. All are SUPER COOL! I can't wait to see them again. Pray for them!

LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE! To the edge, Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

May 22, 2013 - Got to see Jonny and another miracle.

Hey Mom!  I'll start off by saying that yes, last Saturday I was coming out of the ASL endowment session and saw J and thought, "who is that? I know who that is, but I can't recognize him."  I turned off the main path and he mirrored me before saying, "Kenny?"  I was shocked to hear my name but immediately as he did I shouted in joy, "J!" and went over to give him a great big hug!  It was a testimony that at the temple families come together.  We took pictures then quickly went on our way.  He said he will bring me the package soon.  Now I'm looking forward to seeing H at a random location as well!
Anyway we are having what's looking like another miracle!  The Laurel sisters gave us a referral for a guy who accepted to be baptized and has been to church already.  They were teaching him because he can read lips well but they realized there were some things he was missing so we'll go over there tomorrow with them to teach and he said to them he wants to come to the branch.  His name is D and he's Native American and loves Native American history and culture, and so do I!  It's a blessing to have Grandpa and Grandma Jarvis who taught me a love for that so I can now have an opportunity to build a relationship with him.  His Native name is "Lone Wolf."  I'm so excited and looking forward to going over there!  

Thanks for all the family news! I love you as big as the UNIVERSE!!!  To the edge!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013 - Short but sweet. :)

Hey Mom and Family! I had an awesome Mother's Day this year! Seeing all of you plus Jenny and the kids, my oh my how all the kids have grown! I do think that was the very highlight of my week. Carson doesn't have a baby face anymore :( Well anyway I will just have a short email this week, really short. The work is going great. It's a lotta work trying to inspire the district to be all we can be. This morning we went to the zoo and the California sea lion was the best. He was doing backflips in the water. I've got some great video of it. My feet are tired, my shoes are worn, my pants are ripped, my suit is torn, but my mind is clear and my heart is warm. This is the life of a missionary. Love you AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE! -Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

May 8, 2013 - Car problems...but all is well. :)

Hey Mom first week as District Leader was good!  I learned a lot, especially about call-ins.  The reason for call-ins on 3 nights of the week that I've found is because it assists in accountability and for your area.  I am really looking forward to the first district meeting.  I'm gonna have some fun with it.
I think that's awesome about Grandpa's relatives in Elsinore!  Do we know who their descendants are?  

Can't wait to hear from J and H.  Odd that two of my uncle's brothers are out here at the same time but that's fine with me!
Congrats on BYU Rugby winning the National Championship!!!  Also congrats to my friend Anna on her engagement!  

Well in the news back here, we've had a myriad of car difficulties.  On Thursday we had to take it in because the traction control and ABS was acting up.  So we got a replacement car, a 2013 Corolla.  Elder B took the Subaru to the body shop on Friday so it could get repaired for the damages from the accident.  Since the Corolla didn't have DC license plates we had to scramble around for a couple of days to find a place to park.  Finally one of our friends at Gallaudet came up big when her sorority sister got us a parking pass for a month for free so that was taken care of.  Then yesterday we apparently ran over a huge piece of metal with the Corolla and got a flat!  We had to change the flat, IN THE RAIN, then take it to Pep Boys to get it fixed.  We took it in at 5:30, the J's came and picked us up, then we went to go get it at the end of the night and didn't get outta there til 9:10.  I was thinking, "How long does it take to change a tire?!"  Anyways that's been the car struggles we've dealt with this week.

In other news we had a fantastic lesson with J on Sunday!  President F came with us and we taught J about prayer.  We all feel really strongly that Jason will "get" the Gospel.  We just have to keep having faith and doing all we can to support him.  

We helped M move yesterday from her 3rd floor apartment to another 3rd floor.  Oh man does she have a lot of stuff!  I'm pretty pooped from that haha.  

Well anyway I love you bunches!  As big as the universe even!  -Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013 - New District Leader over ASL/French program

Hey Mom!  Thanks for the great email this week!  I'm glad your double date went well with the Mummies haha.  There are a few mummies out here in the Smithsonian and I agree that they are fascinating and interesting.  That story of Dakota and the stove top reminds me of a couple weeks ago I was trying to make funnel cakes and the bag exploded on me and all over the stove top so I had to clean it up hahahaha.  I even have it on video.  You'll get to watch it on SD card that I'm sending home.
Anyway the past week had us have another lesson with the C family.  The mother is very nice.  She wants us to teach her son very badly but her own self interest is not very high.  Hopefully through the homework assignments that we give them she will become more and more interested.  We should be trying to get President F to come with us for one lesson.  

Oh and by the way,  I told you already mom but I figured I would tell the whole world.  I am the new district leader for the FrASL District (French and ASL).  I know it's a big responsibility and I hope I can do my best to serve in this new calling. 

Anyway, love you to the edge of the universe!  To the edge, Elder Schoemig