Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29, 2012

Hello mom! Happy happy birthday from all of me to you! I wish you happy birthday, so I can party too! Hahaha I hope it was very fun for you this past few days celebrating. I announced in my district meeting that it was your birthday and everyone here says happy birthday :)

So I have some pretty big news. My companion for the last 5 months, the man who I have gone through thick and thin, up and down, happy and sad, rain and shine with has gone the way of the transfer. Yes my good friend Elder L is now in the English program. I learned so much from him. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed, and I pushed him when he needed to be pushed. We were like Stockton and Malone, Laurel and Hardy, Bert and Ernie. It was challenging for me to hear that call where we found out he was leaving. I cried. But I know that I will apply the principles he taught me and I will grow and develop so much as a missionary. My new companion, however, is pretty awesome, and you've heard his name before. Elder W and I are back together! I know this transfer is going to be hard at times, but I know so many blessings are waiting for the people we work with and us, cuz we are gonna explode this program.
Last night in our last lesson together, Elder L and I went to a LA members house who was having some trouble paying tithing. Thanks to the Spirit of the Lord who has so many times given movement to our hands we got him to recognize the importance of paying tithing before anything else because of the marvelous blessings that will be poured out on him from the Lord.

This past Sunday we were in the Belford towers trying to check on a potential investigator and he wasn't home so we did some tracting. The Belford towers are full of African immigrants and we tracted into a whole family. This guy named Peter is who we did most of the talking to, though everyone else was listening. He was really cool and taught me an important lesson. We introduced our message as being about the Book of Mormon, biggest mistake of my life (not really) but anyway he said something I really took to heart. He said we could talk about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and scriptures all day but what really would excite him would be one thing: what has Jesus done for me. I realized right then that our message was not about the Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith, or where is Kolob and how to get there. The message is Jesus Christ. The message is Jesus Christ. Who he is and what he has done. Later that night I came to the conclusion that Jesus Christ has done two things for me that I can relate every gospel principle to. He has done these two things: 1) He has given me a family and 2) He has given me an identity. Without Jesus Christ I would not have anything because I would not have those two things. If you think about it it's quite simple. Jesus Christ died to save his heavenly family so we can be together forever as earthly families and it comes through having a knowledge of our identity; who we are and why we're here. That moment was a game-changer for my whole mission. Since then when introducing myself I always say that we have a very special message about Jesus Christ. He is everything to me.

Anyway I love you all and I'm so happy to hear how everybody is doing! I'm lookin forward to this transfer and the new adventures it will bring! To the edge, Elder Schoemig
(Mom's note:  Elder Winkler was Elder Schoemig's companion in the Missionary Training Center (MTC) and now they are back together again.  :)  )

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22, 2012

Hello mom and the rest of the world! It's great to hear about all the excitement for the new school year! Just think of it this way, in the middle of next school year, I'll be back! I did get your package with the update on my Lone Peak boys. My heart and prayers are with them this season as they seek to defend the title. That's a bummer about George not being back for Kale's farewell but I know George's thoughts will be with him for that day. Excited for Autumn to take ASL 2! Only problem is if this year she takes that, and next year ASL 3, then her senior year there won't be anything! And what if she turns out to be better than me when I get back? Nope she needs to transfer to French or something
Today we had... DEATH TEMPLE! But before that a little testimony. These past two transfers we have been reading the BoM as a mission, because of the apostolic blessing that Elder Bednar pronounced upon us that the gospel of Christ would be open to our understanding. Well I fell behind. Way behind. So behind that on Thursday Aug 9 I was only in Mosiah 6. But then the Spirit of the Lord was wrought upon my soul and a desire to finish the Book was engraved upon my heart. I read like crazy, my soul focus has been reading that Book. As of this morning, 13 days after I started it, I am finished with it. I bear sincere and solemn witness that this Book is of God. As I have become dedicated to reading the Book of Mormon, my spirit has changed. I know for a fact that every time you read the BoM cover to cover, you become a better person. Problems become less of a problem, blessings become more of a blessing. Weaknesses turn to strengths and strengths turn to strengthier things (anybody know what that would be called?) How great is God for giving us this witness of His divine Son?! Who can say enough of our great and marvelous Father?! The plan of happiness is real eveyone! Jesus Christ is real! And there was no better than to rejoice in my testimony than in His house this morning. True happiness only comes from walking the path. I wish my investigators could see that. I especially wish the Izaguirre family could see that. They have so much potential as individuals and as a family. I will stay with them until the end, my hope in them, in all my investigators, is eternal.

To the edge my family, whom you are if you are reading this, LVE Elder Schoemig ,\,,/

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012

Hello world!  Mom, I did receive the packages, and I love the cookies and haven't tried the bread yet, I am saving it for a special occasion :)  Chandler you rock!  I'm sorry everyone is sick!  I was feeling a little under the weather too but got over it quickly.  The Spirit quickeneth all things, even the overcoming of sickness.  I'm totes gonna try that pizza recipe.  Carson you are a silly kid!  And hang in there Dakota, since your collarbone is broken you can practice drawing or something!  
I loved what you commented on about Kale.  I also add this:  Kale has been one of the greatest forces for good in my life.  Without his undying loyalty and amazing spirit, I would never have come as far as I have.  I would be lost without him.  The same goes for Jackson and Taylor as well, we all are the same enough to love each other profoundly and different enough to keep it interesting hahahahahaha.  
Well today for Pday we visited the National Postal Museum (who knew that the mail could be so EPIC?)  and a sliver of the National American History Museum.  I think you can guess what we went right for:  the sunstone from the original Nauvoo temple.  I love that museum even though I've only been to a bit of it so far.  I love history.  I love America. 
Anyway for my spiritual thought I thought I'd tell everyone that I finished reading "Jesus the Christ" last night and am two weeks away from finishing the Book of Mormon a second time.  I fell a little behind on my scheduled reading and now must read 20ish pages a day to catch up and finish by the end of the transfer.  I must testify that the Book of Mormon was written under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, and as good as "Jesus the Christ" is, it can in no way match the Book of Mormon in terms of raw spiritual power and testifying witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  By Him, of Him, and through Him we are redeemed from the chains of hell and the bands of death, if we will but have faith on His name and repent of our sins. 
Also wanted to share an excerpt from my email to Elder Grandpa Jarvis.  Enjoy!
just a quick story to tell you about the mission.  way back in my first transfer we were on exchange with our zone leaders and it was me, elder c (zl), and elder k (trainer, elder l was with elder l) anyway we visited a less actives home, in fact the less active who's daughter we are now teaching and are helping the whole family reactivate.  they weren't there that time around but elder c suggested and i agreed that we knock on one door.  i chose the door right next to our less actives.  a boy answered and his dad was in the kitchen.  elder c spoke spanish to them and set up an appt for the next day.  well that was the last i heard about that family until last week, when i found out they all were baptized!  a family of four that we ran into was led to Christ, and it made me so happy.  1 nephi 4:6 for sure!  turns out that elder l and elder l also ran into somebody who later got baptized!  wow the Lord works in mysterious ways, it is a testament to me that the Lord calls who he calls for a reason, and sometimes just a five minute interaction with somebody can change their life forever.
I love you Mom, Dad, Amanda, Codie, Autumn, Chandler, Dakota, Carson, and anybody and everybody else who will read this!  To the edge, to the edge, to the edge, to the edge,   (did you like that echo effect?  yeah I did too \,,/('_')\,,/)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kale, soon to be Elder Wright

Mom's message:  Its here.  He's happy to announced that he has accepted his call to the North Carolina, Charlotte mission.  He will enter the Missionary Training Center Oct. 17th.  So he got two months to get ready.  He is excited about it. 

I know few of you have wonder why do I even care about this kid.  I do love him.  At first I didn't.  Lets just say that he got into trouble and I went to talk to his parents about it and from there, I met his dad.  Whoa, if any of you know him, I was stunned when he came out.  So I talked to him about what Kale did and he was pretty nice.  It took me a while to fully accept Kale.  When we first started going to the hearing ward here in our home.  I was called to be the gospel doctrine teacher, there has been few times that his dad helped made comments here and there, I do appreciate that.  So in all Kenny and Kale became good friends with the help of several youth leaders including their scoutmaster. 

In May 2008 on Mother's day.  Kenny went out to do something with one of the youth leader, I can't exactly remember what it was for but he came home and said some things about George (Kale's dad) and that he think he heard them saying he had passed away and of course it got Kenny pretty upset and we soon found out that George did passed away during the night. 

About 4 months before he passed away.  I had  a lesson and I don't remember the lesson that it was on but I do remember having the impression while I was researching and preparing the lesson to talk about this part.  I still recall teaching it and after that several members coming up to me and said that is exactly what we needed.  I was like umm, really, not understanding why I was impressed to talk about it.  We now know why.  What I was impressed upon was to tell them that it is the responsibility of the home teachers, priesthood leader/youth leaders, neighbors and friends to take upon the role model to help and teach the youth when they don't have the father in their home that I have found from one of the book I was researching.  I hadn't plan on it but my mind kept going back to that part.

It took a village to help raise this boy, quoted Melinda, Kale's mom when we went over for his Elder ordaination back in Oct. or Nov.  It was awesome to see Kenny, Jackson and Taylor (they have already been ordained to Elder about 4 or 5 months prior) to be in that circle along with Bill and about 5 or 6 of the youth leaders and former bishop from our ward to be in it.  Kale watched as 3 of his best friends got their mission call last fall and winter and supported them.  The three boys' birthdays are all in Dec. so I am sure it was hard for Kale having to wait for another 7 months before he gets his mission call.  Kale's birthday is in July and the youngest of the group.  He received his mission call yesterday. 

I have wanted my kids' friends to feel at home or feel welcome when they come over to our home.  Kenny and his friends sure did.  They took turn at each and every one of the homes, they go in the basement to watch movie, play video game or whatever they did and of course eat foods.  :)  I don't know how these four boys found each other and how they became the best of friends.  We have grown to love each one of them as our boys and I know the other parents have felt the same.  If you know what I mean by looking at them, you'll understand.  Each and every one of them has different personality, likes, dislikes and they all somehow connected with each other.   They have all called us parents "mama and papa".  Last night, I was looking at the pictures of the boys together, it hit me and I missed the sounds of the boys being here in our home.  We are very proud of them.  They are where they are needed and that is to serve the Lord and find and guide the people the way to Eternal plan. 

Elder Lewis (Taylor) is serving in Anaheim, California and has been out 7 months and was the first to go, Elder Harley (Jackson) is serving in Bangkok, Thailand and also been out 7 months and our son in which he celebrated 6 months yesterday in Washington D.C., North ASL and now Kale, soon to be Elder Wright in a few months.  We love you guys.   


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The four missionaries!

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The time has arrived, finally.  6 to 7 months after the "three amigo" got their mission call and left for their mission field.  Kale is opening his call tonight.  This was done by Jackson's sister Kayla, so cute.  Their family must be excited as we are.  :)  Will post where he is going tonight.

August 8, 2012

Hello Mom! Can you say 6 months? Yep today is my official 6 month mark of being on my mission. Crazy how the time goes. You just get so caught up in doing the Lord's work and being on the Lord's errand that the time that you think is gonna last forever, lasts a moment.

Sad to hear about the new wildfire. I will pray for it to rain very hard out there for a whole week. I can't wait to hear the news about Kale! I've been looking forward to this day for a long time, and Kale, bud, I hope you don't go to Canada either. Blegh Canadians. Maybe you'll get called as a Washington DC North missionary. Now wouldn't that be the day?

So the first time I heard about Dakota's collarbone was last Friday when D S told me about it. I felt sick for the rest of the night knowing that my little bro was in pain. I remember the day when I lifted the dresser off of you Dakota when you first broke your collarbone. I know God gave me strength to do that because if you are ten now and that was 8 years ago, I was only 11. And that dresser was not small. Now you have broken twice as many bones as I have in my life. Dakota=2 Me=0. I guess you're winning. I love you Dakota! <- that is me coming to hug you.

 Mom, it would be super weird if you didn't have glasses anymore, but I guess I'll just have to live with it haha.

Carson, I would be honored to do a talk for you. You made me tear up a little bud! I'll write the best talk ever and it'll be just for you :)

Autumn, I'm super proud of you doing all this great work in dance and stuff! Just keep working hard and doing the right stuff!

Anyway, I can't remember if I told you we have recently got more investigators, their names are D, J, S, and J. Along with K that makes 5. K's family is really cool, we have lots of fun with them and are now just trying to work with B to become ready to baptize her.

President F is awesome. We helped him move out of his old house last Saturday and on Monday went down and did some yardwork on his new house and they fed us dinner. And we did a super awesome spiritual thought where I was the angel Moroni and Elder L was Joseph Smith and I came to him 3 times in the night and told him about the Book of Mormon. Super fun.

Well do me a favor and send me some stamps! I love stamps, but not as much as I love all of you! I love you as big as universe! Remember, we are the decisive element. To the edge my loved ones and beyond! -Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

August 1, 2012

Hello my mother!  I am doing great!  Just kinda sweaty cuz we got done playing basketball just barely :)  Can't believe that Amanda and Codie have been married for a year!  Shows how fast time flies.  Before you know it they'll have a bucket load of children 

I hope and pray for you everyday Mom.  I want to be the best missionary I can be so you will be proud of me. 

We have gotten some new investigators recently.  Their names are D, J, S, and J.  They don't know each other but they all live in DC.  One of our key indicators this transfer is asking everyone for referrals, and we are asking everyone!  It has led to lots of referrals and the new investigators we have found.  You gotta find to teach, and you gotta teach to find I guess.  Our work with K and the I family has been going great, we had to postpone the baptism for some reasons but she's still super excited. 

This week I've been kinda sick, so pray for me to overcome the sickness I've been having.  Also on Monday Elder L and I got into a little spat but it's over now.  That's weird that we were both feeling frustrated at the same time haha.  We have a psychological link between us haha.  Luckily there is repentance and forgiveness that allows us to get past our mistakes and move on.  Forgive and forget, as somebody said.  

Next week is my six month mark, and I'm contemplating having a party.  You should do one too and take pictures haha. 

To the edge my family in friends!  Remember "freedom is knowing who you are, and once you know that, everything will straighten out for itself."

LVE, Elder Schoemig  ,\,,/

 Oh yeah I forgot to mention we are getting a senior couple in the ASL program in September!  Elder and Sister J I believe their names are.  This will be a huge boost to our program and our branch!  I know the Sister has been an ASL teacher for 30 something years and is a certified interpreter so this is gonna be great for the Lord's work!