Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kale, soon to be Elder Wright

Mom's message:  Its here.  He's happy to announced that he has accepted his call to the North Carolina, Charlotte mission.  He will enter the Missionary Training Center Oct. 17th.  So he got two months to get ready.  He is excited about it. 

I know few of you have wonder why do I even care about this kid.  I do love him.  At first I didn't.  Lets just say that he got into trouble and I went to talk to his parents about it and from there, I met his dad.  Whoa, if any of you know him, I was stunned when he came out.  So I talked to him about what Kale did and he was pretty nice.  It took me a while to fully accept Kale.  When we first started going to the hearing ward here in our home.  I was called to be the gospel doctrine teacher, there has been few times that his dad helped made comments here and there, I do appreciate that.  So in all Kenny and Kale became good friends with the help of several youth leaders including their scoutmaster. 

In May 2008 on Mother's day.  Kenny went out to do something with one of the youth leader, I can't exactly remember what it was for but he came home and said some things about George (Kale's dad) and that he think he heard them saying he had passed away and of course it got Kenny pretty upset and we soon found out that George did passed away during the night. 

About 4 months before he passed away.  I had  a lesson and I don't remember the lesson that it was on but I do remember having the impression while I was researching and preparing the lesson to talk about this part.  I still recall teaching it and after that several members coming up to me and said that is exactly what we needed.  I was like umm, really, not understanding why I was impressed to talk about it.  We now know why.  What I was impressed upon was to tell them that it is the responsibility of the home teachers, priesthood leader/youth leaders, neighbors and friends to take upon the role model to help and teach the youth when they don't have the father in their home that I have found from one of the book I was researching.  I hadn't plan on it but my mind kept going back to that part.

It took a village to help raise this boy, quoted Melinda, Kale's mom when we went over for his Elder ordaination back in Oct. or Nov.  It was awesome to see Kenny, Jackson and Taylor (they have already been ordained to Elder about 4 or 5 months prior) to be in that circle along with Bill and about 5 or 6 of the youth leaders and former bishop from our ward to be in it.  Kale watched as 3 of his best friends got their mission call last fall and winter and supported them.  The three boys' birthdays are all in Dec. so I am sure it was hard for Kale having to wait for another 7 months before he gets his mission call.  Kale's birthday is in July and the youngest of the group.  He received his mission call yesterday. 

I have wanted my kids' friends to feel at home or feel welcome when they come over to our home.  Kenny and his friends sure did.  They took turn at each and every one of the homes, they go in the basement to watch movie, play video game or whatever they did and of course eat foods.  :)  I don't know how these four boys found each other and how they became the best of friends.  We have grown to love each one of them as our boys and I know the other parents have felt the same.  If you know what I mean by looking at them, you'll understand.  Each and every one of them has different personality, likes, dislikes and they all somehow connected with each other.   They have all called us parents "mama and papa".  Last night, I was looking at the pictures of the boys together, it hit me and I missed the sounds of the boys being here in our home.  We are very proud of them.  They are where they are needed and that is to serve the Lord and find and guide the people the way to Eternal plan. 

Elder Lewis (Taylor) is serving in Anaheim, California and has been out 7 months and was the first to go, Elder Harley (Jackson) is serving in Bangkok, Thailand and also been out 7 months and our son in which he celebrated 6 months yesterday in Washington D.C., North ASL and now Kale, soon to be Elder Wright in a few months.  We love you guys.   


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  1. Heather, we want to say Amen to everything you have written. We love our four sons and we are so happy for Kale! Thank you for being there for these boys.
    Love, Mama and Papa Lewis