Wednesday, August 15, 2012

August 15, 2012

Hello world!  Mom, I did receive the packages, and I love the cookies and haven't tried the bread yet, I am saving it for a special occasion :)  Chandler you rock!  I'm sorry everyone is sick!  I was feeling a little under the weather too but got over it quickly.  The Spirit quickeneth all things, even the overcoming of sickness.  I'm totes gonna try that pizza recipe.  Carson you are a silly kid!  And hang in there Dakota, since your collarbone is broken you can practice drawing or something!  
I loved what you commented on about Kale.  I also add this:  Kale has been one of the greatest forces for good in my life.  Without his undying loyalty and amazing spirit, I would never have come as far as I have.  I would be lost without him.  The same goes for Jackson and Taylor as well, we all are the same enough to love each other profoundly and different enough to keep it interesting hahahahahaha.  
Well today for Pday we visited the National Postal Museum (who knew that the mail could be so EPIC?)  and a sliver of the National American History Museum.  I think you can guess what we went right for:  the sunstone from the original Nauvoo temple.  I love that museum even though I've only been to a bit of it so far.  I love history.  I love America. 
Anyway for my spiritual thought I thought I'd tell everyone that I finished reading "Jesus the Christ" last night and am two weeks away from finishing the Book of Mormon a second time.  I fell a little behind on my scheduled reading and now must read 20ish pages a day to catch up and finish by the end of the transfer.  I must testify that the Book of Mormon was written under the divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, and as good as "Jesus the Christ" is, it can in no way match the Book of Mormon in terms of raw spiritual power and testifying witness that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God.  By Him, of Him, and through Him we are redeemed from the chains of hell and the bands of death, if we will but have faith on His name and repent of our sins. 
Also wanted to share an excerpt from my email to Elder Grandpa Jarvis.  Enjoy!
just a quick story to tell you about the mission.  way back in my first transfer we were on exchange with our zone leaders and it was me, elder c (zl), and elder k (trainer, elder l was with elder l) anyway we visited a less actives home, in fact the less active who's daughter we are now teaching and are helping the whole family reactivate.  they weren't there that time around but elder c suggested and i agreed that we knock on one door.  i chose the door right next to our less actives.  a boy answered and his dad was in the kitchen.  elder c spoke spanish to them and set up an appt for the next day.  well that was the last i heard about that family until last week, when i found out they all were baptized!  a family of four that we ran into was led to Christ, and it made me so happy.  1 nephi 4:6 for sure!  turns out that elder l and elder l also ran into somebody who later got baptized!  wow the Lord works in mysterious ways, it is a testament to me that the Lord calls who he calls for a reason, and sometimes just a five minute interaction with somebody can change their life forever.
I love you Mom, Dad, Amanda, Codie, Autumn, Chandler, Dakota, Carson, and anybody and everybody else who will read this!  To the edge, to the edge, to the edge, to the edge,   (did you like that echo effect?  yeah I did too \,,/('_')\,,/)

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