Wednesday, September 26, 2012

September 26, 2012

Hello Mom! And other people! I'm so relieved to hear about Dad's job! The Lord sends us blessings, it's our job to use them! I'm very thankful that everything went well. Sounds like everything is goin on like usual at home. This Saturday is gonna be a great day! Can't wait to hear how it goes :)

 The work is going great! We have 4 baptisms set for in October: A, K, B, and B! The work has really picked up this fall, especially with Elder W's and my different experiences and sharing our knowledge to build it up. We keep fighting for the right. I'm just loving the work right now, I gotta keep my eye on the prize! Sometimes it's easy to let things slip and get lazy, but you gotta ignore everything and work! "There is no satisfactory substitute, especially in missionary work!"

 I love you as big as the universe! -Elder Schoemig
Mom's note:  Many of you are probably wonder what's going on with his dad's job.  Well, his dad got a better job offer at a great company that we had been hoping and praying for and he had decided to take this job.  He startes on Oct. 8th at the new company.  We are blessed and thank you all for your prayers for our family.  It has helped tremendously.  As for this Saturday, Elder Schoemig's littliest brother Carson is being baptize by his father on his 8th birthday.  :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012

Well I am happy that you love me!  Thanks for stayin up to email me :)  I'm really excited for Carson's baptism!  I know that is going to be a great day.  Hopefully out here we'll have some baptisms to follow in October with K and A set for Oct 13 and we just set another, B, for Oct 28.  The senior missionaries are way cool and I'm so glad they're here.  Sister J is so sweet and Elder J if very funny.  I'm glad for the opportunity to have them here with me. 

What song did Autumn do for her music video?  And yes the deaf joke that Chandler told is a classic one :)  I've "heard" a few and hopefully will "hear" a lot more haha ;) 

Will you get Kale to send me his email?  I haven't gotten a letter from him and feel like it would just be easier to email.  After all he's my brother :)  And Garett too, my brotha.  I want to communicate with them both more!

We play Munchkin on P-Day sometimes and it really reminds me of Jenny and Grandma Jarvis and how we got that game like ten years ago and it's super big with all the missionaries.  It's funny :)

We went to the VC this past Sunday with the J's, K R, and J M for the "Why I Believe" fireside.  It was the Baltimore Mission President, President Richards and he told a story of how his mom and dad got in a car wreck and he saw the whole thing and his dad died but his older brother gave him a priesthood blessing and he came back to life.  It really reminded me about our experience last year with dad and I'm really grateful to all the priesthood holders who gave dad those blessings that night. 

I LOVE YOU!  to the edge Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

September 12, 2012

Wow sounds like everybody is busy out there in good ole Utah! I always love to hear how everybodys doin and I can imagine how much fun everyone is having. Almost as much fun as me! I'mma start with today and tell you about the epic morning we had.

5:30 AM Eastern Time: Wake up, groggily rise from my bed. My knees hit the floor as I give a quick prayer of thanks to the Lord for wakin me up and ask for the Spirit to be with me. Saunter down the stairs and hop in the shower. Put my clothes on, brush my teeth and I'm ready to go.

6:08 AM Eastern Time: Push down on the bike pedal as we set out on our quest. The rythym of pedaling and my breathing go hand in hand, a soft sound amongst many in early morning DC. A right on K Street, a left on Second, down Constitution and onto the Mall. The early flow of pre-dawn light gives a soft touch to the stone behemoths that align the National Mall.

6:30 AM Eastern Time: This is it, a moment I've been waiting for my whole mission. We lock up the bikes and take off at a slight jog, up the white stone staircase, my back to the reflecting pool decorated with ducks, until I lay my eyes upon a man quite literally larger than life. I felt the chills go up and down me as I lay eyes upon Abraham Lincoln. I turned around and sat down and prepared my self for the glorious display that was to come.

6:47 AM Eastern Time: The glorious disply begins. The sun decides it's time to peek his sleepy up over the horizon and give the city his light. I sat there beholding the grandeur of the scene, the Lincoln Memorial to my back and the rest of the Mall before my eyes. It felt peaceful, it felt holy. I am a missionary of Jesus Christ, and I am in Washington DC.

Cool right?! It could be a book, haha no just kidding. But seriously, this morning was amazing. We also visited the Vietnam War Memorial and the WWII Memorial, and my buddy Elder Bates described it best, "I feel a lot of the same feelings here as I do in the temple." God has dedicated those memorials because of the holiness of the cause those men and women fought and died for. A cause of freedom that inspired Captain Moroni to write the Title of Liberty, and the Founding Fathers to write the Declaration and Constitution. It was an unbelievable experience.

The work is going great; got A on date for October 13th! He's a stud and we're lookin forward to workin more with him. K is going well, we had to push the baptism back again but we are optimistic still. Our senior missionarys are now here and it turns out Elder W grew up with them in Riverside! Super cool and I'm pumped to have them around.

Love you all, and take care of each other! To the Edge, Elder Schoemig

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

September 5, 2012

Hey Mom and other select group of people who may read this, another week in the hood, another person on date for baptism! This guy's name is A and he's from Ethiopia and roommates with J and the other Ethiopians. He's sooooooo cool! He reads the Book of Mormon in Amharic, which is the Ethiopian language, and then signs it in ASL, which he has only had about a month's training in! Wow right?! He says he believes the Book of Mormon and says it is simpler than the Bible and easier to understand. I guess in Ethiopia he graduated from a Bible school and is really good at reading scriptures and telling what it means and stuff. His scheduled date is October 14.

The work with the I family becomes frustrating and sad. They were so happy and loving last Thursday when we visited them but they didn't show up to church on Sunday because K got mad at B. We had scheduled a Visitor Center trip with them that day too but off course that fell through. I can't wait to have the senior missionary's here to help this family out. I love them so much and want to see them succeed individually and as a whole. This family needs a miracle and I'm certainly prayin for one.

And to my brother Kale, I'll be thinkin of you tonight bro! Send me a letter and tell me how it goes!

I hope Dakota's trip to Shriner goes well! I'm always prayin for you little brother!

That's super funny about the water in Grandma's and Grandpa's bathroom! I can just imagine it right now everyone running around trying to fix it with the water goin everywhere. Ha classic.

Today was Fall Sports Day! That's where all the missionaries in our mission go up to the Gaithersburg's bishops ranch and play sports and eat. We played a game called Hero Ball. It's a mix between soccer, capture the flag, and Quidditch. One direction there are soccer players, the other is Quidditch where you play like Ultimate Frisbee with a ball and there's 3 rings you must throw the Quaffle through and the Chaser's do that while the Bludger's are bludgeoning everybody that's playing, except for the goalies and Seeker, with dodgeballs and if you get hit you're out and you go off to the side until someone comes and takes your spot then you must recite 2 recitations and go back in and play. And capture the flag from one corner to another. It's super fun and there's tons going on at the same time and people are running around everywhere trying to score and whatnot. I played goalie in Quidditch and made some pretty dece saves.

Anyway now I gotta go! I love you all as big as the universe! To the edge, Elder Schoemig