Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19, 2012

Well I am happy that you love me!  Thanks for stayin up to email me :)  I'm really excited for Carson's baptism!  I know that is going to be a great day.  Hopefully out here we'll have some baptisms to follow in October with K and A set for Oct 13 and we just set another, B, for Oct 28.  The senior missionaries are way cool and I'm so glad they're here.  Sister J is so sweet and Elder J if very funny.  I'm glad for the opportunity to have them here with me. 

What song did Autumn do for her music video?  And yes the deaf joke that Chandler told is a classic one :)  I've "heard" a few and hopefully will "hear" a lot more haha ;) 

Will you get Kale to send me his email?  I haven't gotten a letter from him and feel like it would just be easier to email.  After all he's my brother :)  And Garett too, my brotha.  I want to communicate with them both more!

We play Munchkin on P-Day sometimes and it really reminds me of Jenny and Grandma Jarvis and how we got that game like ten years ago and it's super big with all the missionaries.  It's funny :)

We went to the VC this past Sunday with the J's, K R, and J M for the "Why I Believe" fireside.  It was the Baltimore Mission President, President Richards and he told a story of how his mom and dad got in a car wreck and he saw the whole thing and his dad died but his older brother gave him a priesthood blessing and he came back to life.  It really reminded me about our experience last year with dad and I'm really grateful to all the priesthood holders who gave dad those blessings that night. 

I LOVE YOU!  to the edge Elder Schoemig

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