I have been getting to know my new area. They just had a few baptisms so some recent converts we are working with. One is D and the other is E. Both are super cool and so full of the Gospel right now. We get fed every night in this area it is super intense. I'm gonna have to watch my figure ;)
Glad to hear about all the people going on missions! I wanna know basically everyone who has gotten a call, sorry if that puts more work on you mom.
I don't know my plans for Thanksgiving or anything because I'll be in a totally new area! However the holidays will be a great time to work with whatever ward I'm in. The Christmas Spirit always makes people friendlier.
Well I love you family and am praying for you day and night! Oh yeah and I must shout-out to my Grandma Schoemig who's birthday was last week and to my cuz Garett who's birthday is this week! Happy Birthdays! To the edge with love, Elder Schoemig :)