Thursday, November 8, 2012

November 7, 2012

Goooood morning Schoemig family! Well it's actually afternoon but I wanted to feel like Ty Pennington for a second. Anyway last week we survived the naturaly hurricane and this week we're workin on survivin the political one hahaha. All the bike Elders in the city were ordered yesterday not to go out today just in case of anything happening. We got the call this morning that President Obama got reelected. We as representitives of the church are neutral politically but I know that a lot of the members in this area are gonna be sad. Hopefully we are not the target of any anti-Romney stuff but we've been ordered to keep a keen eye. The Lord will protect us.

Haven't got anything in the mail yet about the Knights, I am lookin forward to it and rootin them on to another title. Glad to hear my goodest buddy Elder Wright is in NC now. He's not far. Maybe I'll go visit him jk ;)

Just got done playin dodgeball as a zone activity. Needless to say when I get the ball, it strikes fear into the hearts of my opponents mwhahaha

Love my little sister's singing voice :)

This week we got another baptismal date! This time on Dec 16, Jenny's birthday! Her name is M K from Liberia, Africa and she's super cool. The work is picking up. Only a few more weeks in this transfer. I predict a move to the English program for me. It's crazy. Comin up on a year, who'da thunk?

Love you to the edge, and beyond!- Elder Schoemig

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