Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28, 2012 - Huntingtown

Hey!  Elder Schoemig's world, Elder Schoemig's world, party on, excellent!!!!  Welcome to another edition of Elder Schoemig's World!  Or is it the first edition?  I can't keep track of these things with so much missionary work on my mind!  Anyway my new area, Calvert, is legit...wait for it...imate.  Yes that's right I'm taking a cue from my good friend Elder Kale Wright (Shout-out!) and quoting B S.  I have one thing to say about my new area.  Chesapeake Bay.  It's beautiful to be going to an appointment and you turn around and BAM there's the bay.  The roads here are really curvy both horizontally and vertically.  It makes me feel like I'm in a car commercial especially with the dillions of trees and leaves on the ground.  By the way now I drive a 2011 Chevy Malibu.  Horrible turning radius but the get-up-and-go is nice. 
You know what's funny about Bishop Badger requesting me write a letter?  I was thinkin that exact thing yesterday!  The Holy Spirit must've guided me to think that.  I guess Bishop and I are on the same brainwave. 
So I'm still not super familiar with the area quite yet but I'll tell you everything I do know.  I know we had a baptism!  Actually four, quatro, 4, IIII, any way you wanna count it 4 baptisms!  They are the B family and they are so cool.  I feel like Ammon-level happiness when I think of them.  They have 4 more kids under age 8 too so that is amazing.  What a miracle family.  They were originally living in Annapolis and were getting taught there but moved down to our area so what a blessing the Lord has given!  The Lord is my light, I cannot go astray with the Master at the helm. 
Thanksgiving was great!  We played in a ward Turkey Bowl and I played d-line and o-line for obvious reasons and got 2 interceptions on the d-line and for some reason o-linemen were eligible to go out for passes so I got a touchdown as well.  We had dinner with the Ward Mission Leader, Brother S and his wife and kids.  They are awesome and the turkey was great (deep fried yum). 
My Bishop has to be one of the most fun Bishop's ever.  His name is  T I, no relation to B I.  I already asked :(  But he loves the missionarys and we love him.  He plays basketball with us and really tries to help us out so we gotta pay him back by being the best missionarys in the world.  He served in St. Louis on his mission and I immediately thought of Dad.  Bishop served from 87-89 so I think it was after Dad's time but I'm not sure.  Let me know. 
Well here goes my most important thing I have to say this week. Happy birthday Dad!  I love you so much and you are my inspiration for so many things.  I hope to grow up and be like you.  I love you truly and deeply from the bottom of my heart. 
Well love you so much and thanks for tuning in to this edition whether it be the first or last of Elder Schoemig's world!  Party on, to the edge, excellent!

(Mom's note:  We just received words that Kenny's best friend and brother Taylor is having his surgery next week Wednesday.  This will be a very delicate surgery and of course there is a lot of concerns and worries with Taylor.  We are asking for prayers for him and of course his parents as he get through the surgery and recovery.  Thank you.)

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