Wednesday, August 8, 2012

August 8, 2012

Hello Mom! Can you say 6 months? Yep today is my official 6 month mark of being on my mission. Crazy how the time goes. You just get so caught up in doing the Lord's work and being on the Lord's errand that the time that you think is gonna last forever, lasts a moment.

Sad to hear about the new wildfire. I will pray for it to rain very hard out there for a whole week. I can't wait to hear the news about Kale! I've been looking forward to this day for a long time, and Kale, bud, I hope you don't go to Canada either. Blegh Canadians. Maybe you'll get called as a Washington DC North missionary. Now wouldn't that be the day?

So the first time I heard about Dakota's collarbone was last Friday when D S told me about it. I felt sick for the rest of the night knowing that my little bro was in pain. I remember the day when I lifted the dresser off of you Dakota when you first broke your collarbone. I know God gave me strength to do that because if you are ten now and that was 8 years ago, I was only 11. And that dresser was not small. Now you have broken twice as many bones as I have in my life. Dakota=2 Me=0. I guess you're winning. I love you Dakota! <- that is me coming to hug you.

 Mom, it would be super weird if you didn't have glasses anymore, but I guess I'll just have to live with it haha.

Carson, I would be honored to do a talk for you. You made me tear up a little bud! I'll write the best talk ever and it'll be just for you :)

Autumn, I'm super proud of you doing all this great work in dance and stuff! Just keep working hard and doing the right stuff!

Anyway, I can't remember if I told you we have recently got more investigators, their names are D, J, S, and J. Along with K that makes 5. K's family is really cool, we have lots of fun with them and are now just trying to work with B to become ready to baptize her.

President F is awesome. We helped him move out of his old house last Saturday and on Monday went down and did some yardwork on his new house and they fed us dinner. And we did a super awesome spiritual thought where I was the angel Moroni and Elder L was Joseph Smith and I came to him 3 times in the night and told him about the Book of Mormon. Super fun.

Well do me a favor and send me some stamps! I love stamps, but not as much as I love all of you! I love you as big as universe! Remember, we are the decisive element. To the edge my loved ones and beyond! -Elder Schoemig

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