Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 15, 2013 - Short but sweet. :)

Hey Mom and Family! I had an awesome Mother's Day this year! Seeing all of you plus Jenny and the kids, my oh my how all the kids have grown! I do think that was the very highlight of my week. Carson doesn't have a baby face anymore :( Well anyway I will just have a short email this week, really short. The work is going great. It's a lotta work trying to inspire the district to be all we can be. This morning we went to the zoo and the California sea lion was the best. He was doing backflips in the water. I've got some great video of it. My feet are tired, my shoes are worn, my pants are ripped, my suit is torn, but my mind is clear and my heart is warm. This is the life of a missionary. Love you AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE! -Elder Schoemig

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