Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May 1, 2013 - New District Leader over ASL/French program

Hey Mom!  Thanks for the great email this week!  I'm glad your double date went well with the Mummies haha.  There are a few mummies out here in the Smithsonian and I agree that they are fascinating and interesting.  That story of Dakota and the stove top reminds me of a couple weeks ago I was trying to make funnel cakes and the bag exploded on me and all over the stove top so I had to clean it up hahahaha.  I even have it on video.  You'll get to watch it on SD card that I'm sending home.
Anyway the past week had us have another lesson with the C family.  The mother is very nice.  She wants us to teach her son very badly but her own self interest is not very high.  Hopefully through the homework assignments that we give them she will become more and more interested.  We should be trying to get President F to come with us for one lesson.  

Oh and by the way,  I told you already mom but I figured I would tell the whole world.  I am the new district leader for the FrASL District (French and ASL).  I know it's a big responsibility and I hope I can do my best to serve in this new calling. 

Anyway, love you to the edge of the universe!  To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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