Wednesday, May 29, 2013

May 29, 2013

Hey Mom, thanks for the email! I have in my front pocket right now a letter I was supposed to send you last week but it didn't get out the door haha. It also has in it a letter to the 13th ward Young Women, they send me some stuff recently and I wanted to write back so could you make sure it gets to them? Thanks. Anyway we had a super great week, we've picked up 4 new investigators since last Wednesday. I'm gonna copy and past from my letter to President Matsumori that gives the gist of it then I'll add some on:
We got a referral from the Laurel sisters, a Native American man whom they had taught a few times. He has the Spirit with him strongly, it makes me think of the lines in the Book of Mormon that talk about the Gospel coming to the Lamanites in the last days. He says a voice is telling him to keep reading. So we picked up one investigator last Thursday. We had a Monday mighty miracle at the Visitor Center. We were standing there waiting for a potential investigator when another potential walked in whom we had tried to contact through email to no avail. We immediately began teaching him. He wants to learn so much and is so willing. When I set up another appointment for Friday he thought he was going to get baptized that day and said yes! We told him there's more he needs to learn but it was amazing. Then the potential who we were originally waiting for came in after the lesson finished and she brought a friend. We taught them as well and their desire to learn was impressive as well. So Monday we picked up 3 new investigators and had 2 other lessons. I remember your counsel to me at interviews, "The success is in the invitation." So I've been trying to live and teach and do and say things that invite others to follow Christ. These are real people, and I have spent lots of time recently trying to envision them in all white, getting ready for the baptismal font.

The Native American is D, he's super awesome and is one of the most ready people I've met if our first lesson was any inclination of things to come. The random guy is K, a man from Sri Lanka who has moved around a ton, he has a wife and two sons in Sri Lanka still. He is Buddhist but wants to become Christian. L is the girl we were waiting for. She has seen the temple and talked to some missionaries before but doesn't understand why we're different so she wants to learn more. She brought C, a super smart guy who goes to the U of Maryland and is studying Marine Biology. He is originally from the Bahamas and Miami. He has seen the change our religion has placed upon one of his friends and wants to learn more deeply. All are SUPER COOL! I can't wait to see them again. Pray for them!

LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE! To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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