Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 24, 2013 - Nationals baseball game

Hey Mom!  Glad to hear that you got to catch up on some things that needed to be done.  This week I think I will be sending my package home which will give you more to do however.  Sorry!  Haha it'll have my SD cards from over half my mission on it so you'll have a lot of pictures.  But it'll be fun for you so you can see what I've been up to.  Thanks for the updates on the kids and family and everything.  Those are always the best.
Anyway these past few weeks have been rough because we've been searching for new investigators and just not been having any luck.  We spent all of Saturday trying to find and nothing happened.  On exchange this past Monday night I was with Elder R and we were checking some referrals again that didn't answer.  It was 8 at night and in our mission proselyting stops at 8:30 so it was the last things we were gonna do.  The first lady answered the door which is more than what had previously happened.  She wasn't interested however.  So we went to the 2nd and last referral, and literally knocked on the door at 8:27, just three minutes before we were to stop.  A man answered, I asked if there was a deaf girl who lived there (that is the information we had received, that it was a deaf girl).  He said no but his son was deaf.  The mother came to the door and Elder R started speaking Spanish to them.  They were very nice and said they understood English.  She went and got her son and the very second I started signing with him she said, "Come in, come in."  We had the opportunity to talk with them about the gospel.  I was talking to the son and Elder R was talking to the parents.  It was an answer to my prayers for weeks.  We will go back on Sunday because the mom was thrilled to have her son be able to talk about Christ in his native language.  They are the C family, the mom is L, the dad S and J is the son.  The son was very interested to hear our message because he said he is searching for his own religion.  They are Catholic but I have a feeling that this family is going to love the message that we will share with them.  

I love you mom and I'm looking forward to P-Day today!  We are going to the baseball game!  The Washington Nationals against Dad's favorite team, the St. Louis Cardinals!  Afterwards will have a luau with some of the missionaries so today should be awesomazing!  Love you as BIG as the UNIVERSE!!! To the edge.  Elder Schoemig

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