Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April 3, 2013 - No cherry blossoms yet..

Hey!  Start off with some bad news this week... no cherry blossoms down on the National Mall by Tidal Basin yet!  There are some in other area's but only two down there so I guess we'll have to go next week Wednesday to see if we can catch em then :)

I really do love the Conference/Easter package, I can't wait to take notes this weekend, it'll be so great!  We are busy getting everyone pumped up for the great and powerful talks that will be given.  My hope is to get as many investigators/less-actives as we can to see at least one session.  It'll be well worth the effort.  

I did not think in a million years that my family would be at the Festival of Colors.  Those pictures were awesomazing.  I don't need anything from home however, but I will be sending stuff back hopefully soon.  I really appreciate serving my mission inside the States when considering shipping rates and everything haha.  SOOOO thrilled to hear about Elder Lewis though!  I always knew he would get back out on a mission soon. 

Gotta wish an email happy birthday to my little brother Chandler!  Congrats on becoming 4-years-to-a-mission years old!  Hahaha but really enjoy your 14th birthday!

The work this week is focused on finding investigators and less-actives.  If anyone has any referrals for deaf people in the Washington DC region that need the Gospel in their lives please let us know!

Love you to the edge of the Universe, Elder Schoemig
(Mom's note:  Elder Lewis is now back out in the mission field!  Yay!  We are happy for him.  He is serving in the Utah Provo Mission.  He went out yesterday.)

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