Wednesday, August 14, 2013

August 14, 2013 - 18 months mark

Hey Mom!  Well well well this past week my 18 month mark came and went, nothing exciting happening, but I guess you can officially call me a "dead sister" haha.  Can't believe those girls who were with me in the MTC are home.  Anyway, thanks for the update on everything goin on back at home.  Can't believe how close Grandpa and Grandma are to coming home!  Scary shocking.  It will be a great Thanksgiving and Dad's b-day week :)
On Sunday evening J took us down to the VC for Night of Music and Inspiration, and lo and behold, an autistic girl was there that needed an ASL interpreter!  The Sister missionaries came up to me asking if I would and of course I said yes.  It was such a treat to do that for her!  In the middle of one of the songs she just signed to me, "I love you" real slow and it was just about enough to make me cry!  That would have made the night worth it alone, but after I said goodbye to her and her mom and sister, I turned around and saw the S family from Calvert ward there!  I quickly gave them all huuuuuuuuuge hugs and talked for a while haha.  Sister S said she came in and went to Elder M, who I served with down there, and said, "Is Elder Schoemig here?" and Elder M said, "Nice to see you too!"  I really love that family and I guess they love my too!  They will be one of the main families to meet when you come out here. 

J is going off to college next week, so last night we had our last meeting with her.  It was really spiritual and I could tell she is sooooo close and she said herself, all of it makes sense and is great, but she is terrified of the perfect love which Christ has for her.  She is not used to be being able to trust someone that much and have someone look past all her imperfections and every little sin she has made and just love her no matter what.  I also realized that I am soooo blessed to know that, and so blessed to say that all throughout my years growing up I never had what J calls a "Solomon experience" meaning a turning away of what you know is true.  I may have my plentiful plentiful imperfection, but I have not doubted the doctrine and the truth and the Love of God, only have I doubted myself and my ability to live up to the call.  But I must trust in my God forever because He is forever.  

I heard a very lovely quote this week.  Make's me think of the Pink Floyd song "High Hopes."  The quote is "The higher you get, the higher you get."  Apparently it's on a shed somewhere in Idaho on top of a mountain or something.  

I LOVE YOU TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE! to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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