Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August 7, 2013 - Temple last night

Wow Mom!  You sent me a BIG email this week haha!  So happy about the baptism!  But I'm not really looking forward to a check up on my teeth.  Not that I haven't been taking care of them, it's just the principle of the thing is awful haha.  But I am gonna be ecstatic to see Dr. I.  When I flew into DC yes I flew into Dulles.  I can still remember President Matsumori's smiling face lookin at me that day.  Haven't seen the doctor yet, the appointment is for the 16th and they'll probably cut it and kill the root.  The package was (really high voice) awesome!!!  I love love love the ties, they are very pretty, to contrast most of the ugly ones I've collected out here haha.  The duckies were a fantastic touch and so were the photo albums.
Anyway just a brief update, J is on date for October 26th, that's his birthday and he said he would feel ok with that.  He's been having kinda a rough time with the YSA group around here.  He says they're all weird.  Being 23, social interaction is an important part for him.  He's been wondering if he should continue, but he knows he can't deny how much his life has improved and how much better he's getting.  We just need to find the right friend or friends for him.  He's being worked on by the Lord, that's all I know and that's where I'll trust.

Last night we went to the VC with J and it was super good.  We had a tour about the temple.  We invited J to be baptized when she knew it was true and she said she would if she knew it was.  J also brought her friend A, who's a member and waiting for his mission call, and her friend N who is not a member but is super cool and curious to learn just like J.  Elder B swears he heard N say yes to the baptism question I posed to J, so we'll have to follow up with that.  The temple was just breathtaking last night though.  Thunderclouds swirling around it, looking like at any moment they would crack open and pour their life-giving water onto the beacon of light.  But they stayed, and we walked around the temple, taking about it and other awesome temples.  N loves architecture so she's gonna look up all the other temple's too.  Oh and by the way, J's little sister is an artist and is making a painting of me, which I asked if she would do.  I'm so excited to see it!  

Better close now, pray for us and wish us luck!  I love you to the edge of the universe!  To the edge!  Elder Schoemig

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