Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August 28, 2013 - So I guess everybody's already heard...pysch!

I had to title this week's response, because I read about how everyone knows how K and I saw each other at the temple.  It was all I could do not to just give her a big ol bear hug, but I restrained myself (this time, you'll find out why later this email).  We were speechless and just so excited, we got pictures with each other and K was right about her companion literally dragging her away.  She's doing the right thing and looks so happy.  Very glad I got to see her.

And here's the "psych!" part of the email........ she wasn't the only person from home I saw that day in the temple :)  Before our Member Missionary Morning (which went very very well by the way) I was standing at the top of the stairs when lo and behold, K's aunt M comes walking out of the corner of my eye.  We stopped.  Looked at each other.  Then it was all smiles and near tears as we gave each other the hugs that true friends deserve.  She whispered to me, "Oh, Kenny."  I said, "this is where I've been a missionary for the past 18 months."  That impacted me so much.  Just to see her and feel the love I have for the W family and from the W family was overwhelming.  I am reminded why I love K and his family so so so much.  It was a special moment on my mission, one I will cherish forever. 

So anyone else wanna pop into DC and say hi?  I've seen J, M, and K.  I know there's a lot more people I'm friends with than that ;)  haha just kidding, if people start coming outta the trees then I'll probably get realllllly trunky.  And we wouldn't want that to happen.  For reals.

So in the missionary section of my life, things are going well.  We don't even have to invite Jeff to church for him to show up.  He's just so natural about it.  He is so psyched for his baptism and can't wait for it.  There's so many people he wants to baptize him too.  Four of us!  Me, Elders B, S, and B I think were his top four picks but he mentioned there were more.  We'll have a time explaining the process of baptism and everything.

Things are going well.  Just the good ol' missionary life.  Not much else.  Oh, yes there is.  Went to the temple today.  LOVED IT.  You know what I'm talking about.

LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE! to the edge, Elder Schoemig
(Mom's note:  I thought this was interesting after thinking about it that he got to see all 3 people at the temple, the best place to see each other!)

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