Wednesday, July 31, 2013

July 31, 2013 - Playin football next to the Washington Monument :)

HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.  I'm really really tired right now so don't expect a work of art outta me hahahahaha.  I've been up since 4:30 this morning, we went down to do sunrise pictures here, which turned out ok.  There were some clouds blocking it but it was an adventure.  We played football next to the Washington Monument, I was QB for one drive and yeah, we scored a touchdown.  NBD.  I then became all-time blocker and just pushed people around.  That's one of my favorite things to do on a field.  Then Elder B, me, and Elders M, P, and M (our roommates) went to get "I <3 DC" shirts for my brothas and sistahs.  We also went to the Italian sub place that's near Gallaudet.  Best subs.  We have to go when you get here Mom.  Now we're back here at the library in Germantown emailin ya.
We'll we've had some pretty good miracles these past two evenings!  We made a new friend (I'm stopping the use of investigator and calling them my friends now) named J on Monday night.  She's 17 and going to college soon but we'll teach her and then pass her along when she goes.  She has lots of Mormon friends, loves to keep up with Church news, and has some pretty good questions.  Our other new friend is J, he's a guy who used to be taught and the missionaries stopped going by.  It's a miracles because we had planned to stop by Monday night, and ended up teaching J.  Turns out when we were talking to J he mentioned he wasn't home Monday night so we knew the Lord had led us to both J and J exactly when He needed us to go there. 

Elder B is one of my favorite person's.  He reminds me soooooo much of Utah with the phrases he uses and the things he does.  It's awesome.  He went to Timpview High and graduated in 11.  He's got a really good head on his shoulders.  He has really made a big commitment to coming on a mission, and had to change his life to do so.  He was a self labeled "Jack Mormon" but now he's simply a full fledged Missionary Mormon instead.  He has the highest respect for what he's doing out here and wants to work his hardest.  I can't say enough about him.  And he's got 68 pairs of shoes at home in Utah.  He has a shoe fettish hahahaha.  

Anyway I love you tons Mom!  Can't wait to see what's in the package :)  I'll be sending some home soon too.


Elder Schoemig

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