Wednesday, July 17, 2013

July 17, 2013 - Zone activity and missionary work

Good Wednesday Mom!  This morning we had zone activity which was tired me right out, along with other events this week that have tired me as well  I'll get into all that later.  First things first, the Bear Lake trip sounded super fun!  Can't wait to be out on the water again, maybe I'll have the strength and coordination to do water skiing and carry on the Schoemig tradition. 
Wow, shocking to hear about that boy.  I remember the shock I felt when Ian Ceran died, or when George Wright did.  It's very sad to lose someone so suddenly.  The only comfort that is offered is that the Plan is perfect and families are forever.  That's really cool about the family getting the "Spirit of the Eagle" award and continuing the Eagle project.
I knew T's homecoming would be great.  He's one of the great ones. 
Well this transfer we didn't get a temple trip :( Huge bummer.  It's because the temple is closed for cleaning and stuff so it's necessary.  But next transfer will be a joyous return to it.  So instead, on this last week of the transfer we got together as a zone to play capture the flag.  I was one of the team captains, and we were the Green Squad.  We didn't do too well, but it's all about having fun right?  Anyway the twist was that you had these socks with flour in them and you had to hit each other to get the other out.  And there were squirt guns that you used to distract the others and heal your teammates.  It was super fun.  After we went over to the church for pizza.  It was good.

This week we did a "car fast" for two days.  Meaning we didn't use the car, on Monday and Tuesday.  We walked a lot!  It was super fun, and I'm so grateful to have a vehicle to get around in.  We talked to lots of people, and got some potentials, so we've got some direction to go these next few days, contacting them and teaching them too. 

We're being patient with J, we haven't had contact with him for a week and a half, we think he is taking a step back and thinking about being baptized and stuff.  We could use some prayers on his behalf. 

Transfers is next week, we'll see how it goes.  Elder B, one of the Assistants, told me today that some changes are coming soon to the way we do missionary work, some big changes.  I'm excited to see what goes down.

Well I better go now!  LOVE YOU AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE!!! That pretty much covers everything :)  To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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