Wednesday, July 24, 2013

July 24, 2013 - New companion and pioneers

Hey Momma, what's up? Today, I received.... another trainee!  He is super cool, his name is Elder B from Provo, Utah.  I'm still getting to know him some, but I do know that he went to UVU for two and a half years before his mission, and he is so stoked to be here.  We're gonna have the best transfer.  After the meeting this morning we went to the temple and did a sealing session, it was only his second time in the temple period so it was way spiritual and he was in just awe of the sheer beauty of the DC temple.  We had an opportunity to go into the Celestial Room as well, and I told him to imagine that it was his last day in the field.  As soon as I opened the door, a wave of love and the Spirit poured and splashed around us.  It was breathtaking and tear-making.  We had a good talk in there and we prayed together.  It was fantastic.  I feel like you get better with each child you have hahahahaha.  Anyway tell me if it gets easier as you go or if it's always a struggle :)
Well a report on J, he came to church!  We have reestablished contact and he's doing fine.  Our hopes were true, he was just feeling really sick for a few weeks.  Whew!  Prayer's come true Mom, THEY COME TRUE!

Thanks for the info and everything on the family, I really enjoy it every week.  Last Saturday we had a ward picnic and it reminded me of the 24th celebration in Monroe.  Sorry you couldn't make it this year :)  But next year.... >:)

Well I'd like to say I'm thankful for my pioneer ancestors.  I'm thankful they had the courage to do what's right in their time, so I could do what's right in my time.  I am a pioneer today, not pulling and pushing handcarts, but inviting and helping people come to Christ.  We are all on the journey to Zion.  

I LOVE YOU TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!!! to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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