Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 - Prayer of faith

Hey Mom!  Gotta be quick like bunny through the bushes today, but we've had a good week.  We did our Zone training meeting, which was very uplifting.  Elder Anderson gave a workshop on "prayer of faith" and it really helped to inspire the zone!  We got our best key indicator numbers for the whole year this week!  Lots of good things happening.  I firmly believe we can reach our goal of 100 baptized by the end of the year.  Everyone has to step their game up, from the top down, from President Cooke to the youngest missionary, from the Stake Presidents to the most recently baptized 8 year old.  We can do it!  We are really excited for Festival of Lights coming up!  I will probably post a lot of the pix on Facebook so that you can experience it with me!
A couple things I want to respond to from your email, first is can't believe that Grandma and Grandpa are almost at the end of their mission!  Only a few weeks wow.  Second is I'm excited to see how tall all my younger brothers have become :)  Third is yes to Dad, we will go camp, fish, sleep, freeze, and whatever else we want to do in the beeeeeeauuutiful Utah mountains! Haha.  But first, missionary work :)

LOVE YOU TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE!!! closer to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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