Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013 - National Arlington Cemetery, sacred experience

Hey Mom!  Another sacred and satisfying experience today, this time coming from Arlington National Cemetary.  All of us missionaries that are going home from now til April went with President and Sister Cooke.   The first thing we did when we got there is go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  WOW that is an amazing place.  It just sings of the sacred ceremony of the soldiers who reside there.  I was praying while I was there and these words came to my mind:
This hallowed ground
of Tomb Unknown
is guarded by
the world unshown,
and one brave soldier
takes his place,
amongst God's noblest
holy ranks.

We got to watch the changing of the guard and watch a wreath laying ceremony.  The precision and discipline in which they do everything is awe-inspiring.  President Cooke, being the two-star general he is, got us a special little tour with the Sentinel's (the soldiers of the Third US Infantry Regiment who guard the Tomb, also known as The Old Guard)  in their barracks which is underneath the Tomb.  We didn't go into their barracks but one of the Sentinels talked to us in one of the rooms where all of the Sentinels names were put up.  Since 1937 the Tomb has been under 24-hour guard, 7 days a week, all year.  Someone has always been there.  And I'm sure that the Sentinel who guards truly does stand among angel's in defending the Tomb.  Being in the Old Guard is one of the highest honors.  Everything they do is in 21's too.  They take 21 steps, they count to 21 before turning.  It's all because 21 is the highest you can award someone in the military is what the soldier told us.  We also saw the Arlington house where General Robert E. Lee made his home for thirty years.  I stood where he stood, that is cool.  I saw the arch under which he got married, that is cool.  I saw the china where he and also General George Washington ate off of, that is cool.  We saw the grave of President John F. Kennedy and the Eternal Flame.  It was just a really good day to be a missionary here in DC.  I love this land!  I love America!

Ok so the P-Day activities are fun and all, but I gotta tell you about the area.  We are having a rough time kinda with finding.  We need to kick it up a notch because I know there are some prepared people out there.  They're sitting there, in their houses, waiting and listening for  those words, "I am a representative of Jesus Christ."  And I will say those words, and their minds will be enlightened, and God will be glorified.  Perfection!

Anyway, we got lots to do this week.  We have Zone Training Meeting where the whole zone will get together and hopefully be inspired and we have Stake Coordination where we will meet with the stake president.   Wish us luck!

I love you to the edge of the universe!!! closer to the edge, Elder Schoemig

ps Halloween was boring this year :(  better luck next year :)

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