Monday, January 13, 2014

January 13, 2014 - Mom stressed? Nah...more like can't wait to get to hold her son! ;)

Heyyyyyy yooouuuuuu guuuuuuuuuyyys! And by "you guys" I mean Mom.  How
ya been?  Holding up?  It's probably been stressful for you knowing
that your son is out on a mission in one of the most... interesting...
cities in 'Merica.  I just wanted to say, don't worry, just relax and
take the rest of the time that he is gone to not stress, cuz your son
will be doing the workload of the both of you while he finishes his
call to serve.  And he couldn't be more energetic, engaged, and
emotional than he has ever been!  This past week we had transfers as
you know and Elder Schoemig got a great new companion named Elder Adam
Ron Arnett IV, or just Elder Arnett, from Gilbert Arizona.  Elder
Arnett is a super hard worker and also a super fun guy so we've just
had lots of good workin and fun at the same time.

We picked up new investigator named E from Kenya on Saturday,
we're really excited about him.  His wife comes back from Kansas this
week so we're looking forward to working with him and her.  Their son
is 3.

Thanks for all the updates on everyone, they mean a lot.  I feel like
I'm gonna have a lot harder time to win at basketball with all my
little brothers growin up!  I'm glad Erik got home, he is the man.
I'm looking forward to getting to know him more.  Sounds good with the
whole Mt. Vernon thing.  I'd like you to meet some of the great people
I have met out here, as well as visit the sites in DC.

I love you so much!  to the EDGE of the UNIVERSE!!! closer to the
edge, Elder Schoemig

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