Monday, January 6, 2014

January 6, 2014 - Last Transfer this week for Elder Schoemig

Hey Mom! I was super proud to hear that Dad was the Employee of the
Month, he is always that in my book though.  Wow I didn't realize that
bringing me home required so much effort, but I guess it would have to
take a lot of hard work to take me from a land I love.  Glad to hear
about your experience and testimony from Relief Society, as well as
all the news from the kids.

This week IS transfer week and Elder Giles is leaving me :(  But he is
going on to become an Assistant to the President, and so he will be
with Elder Miyasaki, one of my former companions!  Last Saturday night
we got all the information about transfers so I know where everyone is
going and they all have to guess until Wednesday.  Some do pester you
about what's happening and it's hard to not share but I hold my peace
:)  So with Elder Giles and Elder Miyasaki being AP's I have named
myself, "the Assistant Trainer" since I was with them both haha.

I'm very happy with our work these past few weeks, I feel like we are
finally getting the ball rolling with some of the less actives and
investigators.  Brother A should have his baptism in the next
couple weeks.  We have a date set for this Friday but it might be
pushed back to next Friday.  I believe we can do it this week though.
We got to meet with a member who just moved here from Virginia, I
N, and her non-member husband I.  He will be investigating
and says he is looking forward to reading the Book of Mormon.  Also we
have been able to receive many good referrals lately that will
translate to us having lots of new investigators soon.

I am very pleased with the copies of the Book of Mormon that you sent
me with the testimonies in it, I am working hard to find the right
people to give them to, and gave away one last night!  We actually had
a meal appointment with a member, the Mills family.  They live in
downtown Silver Spring in a big apartment building.  They are moving
soon and so Sister Mills wanted us to go with her to say goodbye to
her friends in the building and to give them a Book of Mormon, so we
did!  It was really cool to see how a heartfelt giving away of the
Book of Mormon allowed us to talk to so many people.  None of them
committed to meet with us, but they all promised Sister Mills that
they would read it.  One lady even let us in for a few minutes before
we had to go to make it to our next appointment.  It was a sure
testimony builder for me of the power of members with enthusiasm for
sharing the Gospel.

Speaking of our next appointment though, it was a former Miss America
from Utah.  Her name was Sharlene Wells when she won, but now it's
Sharlene Hawkes.  Her and her daughter who was recently released from
her mission in Rochester where she knew and served with me MTC
district mates Elder Robertson and Elder Inkley, spoke about living in
faith instead of fear.  It was super great and really set the tone for
next transfer.

Well I best be going now, I love you so much Mom! As BIG AS THE UNIVERSE!

closer to the edge, Elder Schoemig

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