Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Elder Schoemig

This is his mom, Heather.  Elder Schoemig have asked me that we keep up with his blogspot about his mission experience and we gladly do it for him.  It has only been one week since he entered the Missionary Training Center and his preparation day is Wednesdays.  Currently people have asked us how long will he be in there, right now we don't know.  It could be up to 8 weeks, depending on his mission president in the mission field and his knowledge in the ASL, he could leave early to go out to the mission field.  We have been so grateful for this opportunity to have our son serving for the Lord.  We do miss him a ton around here.  It is a little quiet at home and we are very proud of Elder Schoemig.  He would love to hear from you.  We will be putting up his mission experience on this blogspot.  :)  Wanted to thank all those who have supported him through this time, I know he has been deeply touched and humbled by all of you.  Thank you.

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