Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 11:26 AM
hi mom thanks for the message.  i have a lot to tell you.  elder englestead lived down the hall from me and we got a pic the night before he left :)  tell dakota great job!  keep on playin ball and getting better!  tell garett oscarson to keep on praying cuz God always listens :)  elder w and i leave the same day march 12 and everyone leaves on april 9, autumns birthday!!! 
greetings everyone!  two weeks down and three more to go at the mtc! everything has been great, and i've lost 5 pounds since last week!  hip hip hooray!  that's what eating salad wraps and playin some hardcore basketball will do for you.  elder e, one of our zone leaders introduced to me this week on how awesome the ancient of days, the archangel michael is.  do some reading about him if you can.  my main thought this is about the book of mormon.  brother larry y. wilson of the seventy gave a devotional last night about the importance of reading from the book of mormon with investigators.  we can share the glad message of jesus christ strongly by doing this.  the book of mormon is sometimes confusing, especially to new investigators and if we take the time to sit down and read and kinda explain whats going on then the spirit can help testify of the truth of what they read.  reading the Book of Mormon is so fun and i hope no one will take for granted this awesome book.
ok this is for the family:  i love you all soooooo dearly.  last night i was thinkin about my little bros and started to really miss them.  i am glad that i can be an example for them of doing whats right.  i drew them a picture they should get within the next couple of days.  tell autumn good luck in her dance concert and i hope she does really well especially since she is wearing my favorite color.  ask her to tell me how things are goin.  to amanda and codie i hope codies book is coming along well.  hope school isn't too rough.  love you two and am thinkin of you, but not too much cuz my minds on the Lord's work :)  to mom and dad, i'm not sick anymore so thats good i want you both to read ether just for me :) he is kinda starting to become one of my favorite prophets.  i can't believe that moroni said he didn't even write a hundredth of what ether had.  love you all and hope you all have love for not only each other, but everyone.  Christ is strength and Christ is love.  Through love we become strong.  Through Christ we become strong.

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