Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Elder Schoemig's first email to home....

Hi everyone! Wednesday is p-day in our branch so that is why it has taken sooooooo long to respond. I only have 30 minutes to read and write email so here goes. I hope everyone received the letters I sent.

Happy Day After Valentines Day! It was great to receive those letters from everyone and the chocolate and bear! I ate the chocolate and the bear is next to my bed! I am improving at ASL sooooo much it is amazing! Everyone in my district is as a matter of fact! We are learning a lot about the Doctrine of Christ (Perfect Love or Charity to put it shortly) and we all can't wait to serve. Elder Winkler, my companion, and I are teaching an "investigator" and we got him to come to church with us this Sunday! I think I like teaching in ASL better than I would in English haha.  I am having fun and loving every second, even though it is sometimes hard. But like George Wright said... no stress on your mission! 

Now for Dakota, my companion is elder winkler from hesperia california. look it up and draw me a map of how close it is to disneyland will ya? I am saving the candy money bishop gave me for later cuz they give us sooooo much food here! my pday is today, wednesday. the only sport i play at gym is basketball!!! I play with all the best players during my alloted gym time and i'm not bad! keep workin hard bro!
Autumn- It is SO GOOD here! Yeah my classes are alll day long but we are learning very important material so it is ok with me. I've learned to have perfect love for everyone. We all need to have perfect love. i talk to elder harley at meal times, it is fun to see what he's learned in Thai :) And your dance sounds soooo fun! Red is my favorite color! Do I miss you guys? Of course, but not too much ;) yes actually a lot but serving the Lord makes the pain go away. Thank you so much for your quote! I loved it!
Carson- Yes I am having fun! Thank you for the wonderful letters! Are you a Master Agent on Cars 2 yet? Yes i have gotten mom's emails, and I leave for Washington DC on march 12!
Amanda- Loved the card! it is on my desk. Thank you and Codie for the love and support! I hope both your classes and his book is going well! I will write, don't worry, but send me lots of stuff to let me know how things are going!
Dad- I am great! We get up, go to breakfast, go to class, go to lunch, go to class, go to dinner, go to class, go to bed, repeat. with a little gym and devotional and workshops mixed in haha.  I am glad you have a job still as well. Love you!
Mom-Cool that Brady and Kale got Eagles! Tell them i am well pleased with them. I hope you get a buffalo or an elk or a deer! that would be way cool.  Feeling better but i still have a cough and am getting over it. it's hard because my district is soooo funny they make me laugh too much.

anyway LOOOOOOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOOOVE LOOOOOOOOVE you all and tell everyone to read the BoM everyday! til next week or next letter bye :)

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