Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 18, 2012

  Wow, I am feeling great this week. I want to say first of how thankful that I can be here serving the Lord. I realized today that I am in Washington DC. I am in Maryland. I am in Virginia. These places I never thought I'd go to and I'm here experiencing it. Anyway the reason I am feeling great is we have 5 new investigators. One is a former investigator and another is his cousin. Then we have 3 deaf ladies from Ethiopia! They work at Gallaudet and we found them by checking up on a former and one of the ladies, F, said she wanted us to come by her house. Wow look at these miracles! The Lord placed these people in our paths that we can teach them the gospel, and I am so grateful to Him for the opportunity to be out here. This morning I went into the Washington DC temple for the first time. Let me tell you it is truly a Mountain of the Lord. It is so beautiful inside and it was really quite special for me. I felt so close to the Lord and just offered up my humble prayer to Him for thanks and for giving me strength that I can know what to say to our new investigators that will help them. On Monday I started to get the first traces of homesickness, but they quickly vanished as I recognized the blessing of being here. I wish every week could be like this week. To my family, I love you so much and the strength that you provide me. I wouldn't be here without their support. Also to my friends, old and young, you also helped me to get here and receive these marvelous blessings. Love for the Lord is the way to be happy. To the edge, Elder Schoemig.

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