Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

Wow seems like only yesterday that I emailed and now I'm at it again! Time flies when you're having fun. Anyway wasn't General Conference awesome? Such a great time for the church when it is conference weekend. I got to watch every session, although here they started at 12 and 4 and 8 instead of 10 and 2 and 6. Needless to say Saturday was a late night trying to get back to the apartment and get ready for bed. I love how simple and strong the GA's testimonies are, I want to be like that.
Anyway I wanted to share a couple of experiences that happened to me that I thought were pretty funny. The first is yesterday morning we got locked out of the apartment! We have bars on our windows to protect us and our AC unit so we couldn't climb through the front. We tried climbing up to the second story window but it was way to hard. We went around back and have a cellar with a way to get into the house but it was super sketchy and I wouldn't fit so we didn't do that idea. We ended up climbing up to the balcony in the back, but there were bars on the window and AC too. We opened the window and the doors and tried to jerry-rig something to grab the keys and it wouldn't go. Elder A P luckily fit through the bars and into the house! It was crazy but we got in. We related it to the keys of the priesthood, they were locked away and many people tried to get them and do what is right but only one man, Joseph Smith, could do it haha. The second is at 2 in the morning last night, Elder G heard a noise and someone in our backyard going down into the cellar. The cellar door doesn't lock cuz my first week here someone broke into the cellar. Scary neighborhood right ;) Anyway Elder G woke us up and we got bats and golf clubs and Elder K grabbed an ax and we went outside to check it out but no one was there! It was freaky cuz when me and Elder G were on the balcony in the back I swear I saw a shadow move down near the cellar. Anyway until next week! To the edge.

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