Wednesday, April 25, 2012

April 25, 2012

Thanks mom! Wonderful email. sorry carcar that a ball hit your face :( thats why i didn't like baseball haha. good job in your game :) mom i know that it is hard with dad gone, and we should be praying for something better, but last week i also realized it is important to be sooooo thankful to the Lord for providing so much for us thus far, and if it is His will to give dad a better job then He will give it.
to carcar: what am i doing? i'm emailing you! haha and i'm in the ghetto part of dc called trinidad. it's right next to gallaudent university for deaf people. cool you get to go to the zoo with mom! there's a zoo here but i haven't gone yet, hopefully soon! that picture on facebook is in virginia! i go there about 2 times a week. i miss you too! love you! bye :)

good that weather has been nice, it was rainy over the weekend here, more rain then i've ever seen it was like 2 days straight haha. it was really good at the Ks, sis k is a great cook. the nerf gun is cuz we had to shoot sentences that made up the first vision in the order it went and they were all scrambled. elder kinne left this morning though :( more about that later. i miss the kids a lot.

sightseeing will really start next week on pday! gonna be fun. we saw a huge wall of graffiti on monday though, it was pretty sweet and artistic, gonna get some pictures soon of it. i've been writing in my journal every night, so that my posterity can know what in the world i did every day hahahahaha.

Make sure you record the song so i can listen to it when i return. 

Anyway, about my past week. Kinda slow, but emotional past few days. I'll have to make it fast. Elder K left this morning and it was hard for me. He is my "dad" and he left. he was such a huge help in everything that i did. i will miss him. well gotta go now!
(Note from his mom:  Bill has been working long hours these past few days with a full time and part time job so we don't get to see him much during the weeknights.  He is still looking around for something better, we asked that you pray for him.  As for the nerf gun, I asked him on what were they doing at their trainer/trainee meeting with the mission president, the pictures is on the mission president's blog,  Check it out.  As for the song part, I told him that his Aunt Jenny (my sister) and her daughter and Amanda and Autumn are all singing acapella and I will be signing the song for my parents' mission farewell coming up this Sunday.)

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