Wednesday, June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012

Thanks so much for the email mom! one more thing to put in the box, the sd card from my camera! the one I have now is running out of memory.

Wow, all of us in the Scouting program! In the Ensign this month there is a super good article on Scouting and how it helps young men on the path. Shout out to my Scoutmasters and leaders! Brothers Gardiner, Richards, Hunt, Maxwell, Neider, Isaacson, Chidester, Kammer, Mihu, and Carlson! And if I forgot someone I'm very sorry.   But I think that's everyone.

I love the pics of Grandma and Grandpa Jarvis!   They look super happy and their place looks sweet! I vow one day to visit the far off islands of New Zealand! And yes please send me a map of NZ too.

Wow I can't believe Simon is gonna be back so soon. Seems like yesterday we were skating in the ramp in Davy's backyard haha.  Super excited for my boy Brady Webb! Big B!!!

Well today we had a bbq with a dillion missionaries at our bbq. Ok not a dillion but 20ish came over and the house was packed and it was awesome. ASL missionaries know how to throw a party. It comes from my practice of having dances in Mama and Papa Lewis's basement.

Super awesome day yesterday! We had a sup totes awes district meeting, then went to lunch with Elder L and B, our Zone Leaders. Elder B said he reminded of Teancum in the Book of Mormon. I was very humbled, that is super high praise. Plus Teancum is one of my favorite all time BoM dudes. Then went to the VC and had a lesson with J and Bro T. The Spirit was super powerful, especially when we watched the Joseph Smith movie and walked around the temple and took pictures. We invited him to baptism on June 24th and he accepted! Wooo hoooo! Baptizing the world, one person at a time! haha  We are so excited for him, he is super cool and funny. We also had a lesson with A at Gallaudet and then went to F's house at 7:30ish and taught F, M, and J again!   Super cool day!  Another highlight of the day was when we were at the VC waiting for J, two of my boys from the 2011 Lone Peak state champ football team were there! Sam and Tyler!   Those two men are studs and I was so happy to see them!   Wow I was in shock as I just hugged them. I love those boys.

Keep on havin fun at home, cuz I am havin fun here! I love you Mom, Dad, Amanda, Codie, Autumn, Chandler, Dakota, Carson! I love you all my aunts, uncles, and cousins! I love my grandparents! I love my friends, especially my brothers Kale, Mike, Elder Harley and Elder Lewis! I love the Gospel and I loooooove Jesus Christ!

To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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