Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012

Wow.  First of sorry I forgot to inform everyone that P-day was moved to Thursday cuz we went to the Washington Nationals game today!  Super sweet and tons of fun even though they lost to the Mets, 3-1.  Got tons of pictures.  Did everyone know that Bryce Harper, the star centerfielder for the Nats, is a member?  And he is only 2 months older than I am! 

The pictures of my Grandparents setting apart and departure for Wellington New Zealand mission made me cry.  I don't know why so don't ask.  I'm gonna miss them even though we've already been apart for the past 4 months.  Somehow the American continents won't be the same without them.

We had two super cool stories this week.  The first is on Thursday night Elder L and I chose 3 streets each on a section of our huge wall map and then shared em with each other.  One street matched!  So friday we went and tracted it and we met this guy from Cameroon named C.  He was super cool and said he believed our words!  I asked him if he believed God sent us and he said he was in the basement and had a feeling to go check the door and he opened it and there we were!  Wow so awesome!  It's a referral for the English elders in that area, but still cool we got to meet him.

The next is on Sunday afternoon we were checking a referral from Elders T and V and we decided to knock on a door and a woman named B and her son C live there.  They are super cool and B has met with Elders before but because she's in the National Guard (shout out to my Uncle Tim!)  she had to stop.  Her fiance has recently died so she was very emotional.  I asked her the same question I asked C, if God sent us, and she said Saturday night she decided to fast and pray on Sunday for more wisdom and lo and behold we show up!  Wow I felt prompted to ask her to be baptized and she accepted!  Another referral for the English program, but we are all on the same team here :)

Congrats to my little bro Dakota on makin it far in his baseball tourney, I hope he wins!

 I love my family and I love my God.  This is my testimony, that the Lamb who was slain now lives.  His love is all-encompassing and incomprehensible to my mind, but I know one thing, that He does love me, and you, whoever you are.

(Mom's note:  He did not get transfer so he gets to stay in his area.  :)  Dakota's team won 3rd place tonight.)

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