Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 30, 2012

Hi Mom! I'm doing so well! Memorial weekend was like any other weekend on a mission haha. Work work work! Don't worry about the letters, I'll get em eventually. Did you get the map I sent?

Congrats to all the Lone Peak High School 2012 grads! You survived the easy part haha :)

Yay so glad to hear about Grandma and Grandpa getting their Visas! Get them outta here and into the Southern hemisphere! Also super cool about Dad finding work closer to home! See what marvelous blessings have come upon our family! I will remember to thank the Lord especially today :)

Shout-out to my awesome bishopric! They are top-notch brethren and they take care of me and my family and my ward so well!

Last Saturday we did service for a super sweet family named the B's in Virginia. One of our member's rents the basement out from them, P P. We cleared tons of brush and Bro B is psycho! He was climbin up a huge tree with his chainsaw and machete and just cuttin stuff down. He reminds me of Elder Harley in about 15 years, cuz he has a ponytail and they have chickens just like the Harley family. Shout out to Mama and Papa Harley, Ashton, Kayla, Micah, and Eva! Sunday we had J and M show up to church! Super awesome and they enjoyed it. Friday we had a super sweet lesson with them, F and 2 new people, A and G. It was about the pre-earth life. Monday G dropped us! NOOOOOOOO he was soooooo close! We think some family member or neighbor got to him and turned him against us. We picked up a new investigator that day though from the VC referral we got. Her name's C. Today we did endownments in the temple! Super awesome I feel the Spirit so strongly in there! Anyway I love you all! To the Edge -Elder Schoemig

(Mom's note:  If you are wondering what's up with Bill's job.  He received a phone call from a dental lab in Lindon last week and he went yesterday, didn't even have to try out and was offered the job right on the spot, after praying and pondering, he had decided to take this job which it is nice then he will be closer to home then he was in Taylorsville.  My parents received a mission call right before Christmas and was supposed to have left for New Zealand last month but had VISA issues since then and they finally received their VISA yesterday and they are leaving next week.)

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