Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Feb. - April 2012 pictures

His mission field...

His missionary tag...

Elder Schoemig and Elder Englestead (cousin)

Elder Harley and Elder Schoemig (best friend)

His scripture...

The ASL program group

Elder Schoemig and Elder Larsen (high school football teammates)

Don't know what this is about but loved Elder Winkler in the background.

ASL group

Elder Ah Quin and Elder Schoemig

The day he left for the mission field.  He flew out alone, red eye flight and missed the connecting flight because the flight from SLC to Atlanta had bad turbulence and so he missed it by a few minutes and ended up waiting 2 hours at Atlantic for the flight up to Washington D.C.

His favorite temple!  Washington D.C. Temple

Martin Luther King Monument

Washington Monument

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