Wednesday, May 16, 2012

May 16, 2012

Here's my weekly update:
Wednesday: Went to the H's after email and another delicious dinner. Then went and visited G and talked with him. He is really cool and said he can see lights around our heads because of our power and authority. Wow that was sweet.
Thursday: Went to this place called CHEEBURGER CHEEBURGER yeah gotta do caps lock on that. Ate a whopping 1 pound cheesburger! Wow that was huge! Then went to C's for a super sweet lesson about God and his characteristics. Then tried to check up on some people but no one home. It took us forever to get home from C's. Traffic here sucks.
Friday: Friday had weekly planning session which went really well. We went to the B's for dinner and ate chicken fajitas. Learned how to cook a little from Sister B, I don't know how well I'll use what I learned though haha. They live in Virginia and so it is a little farther, but what really makes it a long trip is the traffic!
Saturday: We were planning on going to Baltimore but scratched that idea cuz we didn't want to use a ton of miles. So we stayed home and cleaned the apartment from top to bottom, with the exception of our roommates room and bathroom. We went to East-West chapel for some 12-week training, and then checked up on K. She said she was good to walk to church on Sunday so we were excited about that!
Sunday: Mother's Day! Started to go to K's but she texted and said don't bother cuz she was mad at her daughter and her daughter was mad too, so we just went to the EW chapel early and I read a lot of Alma. Church was great! But G didn't show :( Bore my testimony of how important mother's are in Elder's quorum. They are super important. Enough said. Got to then go home and watch Saturday's Warrior while waiting til it was time to call home. Such a cool movie, and though a little cheesy but super great! Had a revelation that we all chose each other when we were in heaven. We chose each other cuz we knew that we could help each other through this life. So if you're reading this, you chose me and I chose you! Then my awesome call home where I got to see and hear my family! Thank goodness for the VP! They all looked great and I asked Dakota if he wanted me to come home and he said yeah but I said sorry cuz I'm stayin! He misses me I think and I miss him too but my service to the Lord is most important. Then we tried to go check up on G, but he wasn't home! By then I was getting a super bad headache and we retired early.
Monday: H's for service where we mixed sand, peet, and clay to make what he says is beautiful soil haha. Then checked on some people and went to D M's for FHE and dessert. We taught Armageddon, all the prophecies, The Second Coming, the 1,2, and 3 Resurrections, and the Millenium. Elder G and Elder S were also there.

Tuesday: Took our car to the car wash, then tried to stop by Travia's but she was busy so we'll stop by tonight. Had combined District Meeting with President Matsumori and an interview with him. Super sweet and inspiring. Chinese buffet dinner with Bro and Sister K, the senior missionaries who work in the Archives. They go home in 2 weeks so it was our last time with them. Then we went to G's and he was home! He is super excited about his baptism and we will now meet with him twice a week!
Hope everything goes well! Remember the example of Teancum and when everyone else is too tired to work, go to work and get the job done! Read the Book of Mormon! Ahhh be wise, what can I say more?!
Love, Elder Schoemig

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