Wednesday, May 23, 2012

May 23, 2012

I don't like the day by day format of telling you what's happened. It's super boring. We had one of our investigators, T, her mom threaten to call the cops on us if we ever went back there. Wow needless to say we had to drop them which sucks cuz E the son was reading the Book of Mormon and told us he believed it. Thursday we had a really sweet lesson with M and J with Sister M and they said they'll come to church. Our lesson with C at the VC was great, it was about our heavenly family. Her gospel foundation is coming along.

Saturday morning we had service at Bro T's and Elder L accidentally stabbed right through a baby egg shell with a rake and we got to see the half formed baby bird squirm around until it died. We had a funeral for it. Super sad and made me reflect on how fragile our lives are. One day someone might come around and put a rake through you so live your life so you're not scared to die. 
Right now we are in the middle of getting a branch mission plan together, we have some super good ideas that we are brainstorming. The branch is small but strong and I know that we can build it up to big and strong. We did service for a man who feeds us dad, he's old and can't lift so we went to Bowie and pulled some weeds and moved some dirt for him. He's got like a dillion (thanks Elder Simon Taylor ;) ) parrots. Cool old dude.

As of now G is off date but we are putting him back on soon. We just feel he needs a little more time, but if he's ready on June 3rd we'll baptize him. He came to church Sunday so that was awesome. This morning Elders L, G, S, M, F, S, W, and I went laser tagging in Gaithersburg. Super fun but I prefer the Laser Assault in Provo or wherever it is.

Well I hope everyone is turning to the Lord when you meet up with a challenge. He will help you when you remember and obey His word. READ THE BOOK OF MORMON EVERYDAY! With love, Elder Schoemig

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