Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 20, 2012

Wow Mom, I can't believe that about Danny. He's such a stud and really taught me how to be humble and loving. Dannnnnnny!!! I looooooove yoooou! 
Thanks for sending the package. I'll probably get it next week at the temple or zone conference.
Ok biggest story of them all.... are you ready for it?.... ok here it goes.... J (our Chinese investigator) is sooooooo awesome! He's a super stud and I can't wait for his baptism, this Sunday! Elder L will be baptizing him cuz he really wanted to and I know how much he wants to so I told him he could do it. We had another VC tour on Monday with John, plus F and M, and our super awesome friend S R, who is a member. It was really touching and powerful, especially when we invited them to pray near the temple by themselves and I went and prayed for them in the trees and the glow bugs were all around me. F and M are stubborn though and still said they will go to church but not be baptized. But J is awesome! He told M flat out yesterday in our tithing lesson that she should get baptized someday! What?! How sweet is that? Gosh I'm just sooooo pumped for him he is the smoothest guy. 

Today we played touch football outside the Smithsonian "castle" with a bunch of Elders and it was soooo hot. It was sup totes ridic ;) And I got my picture taken with Miss Sugar Land. It was funny Elder T (we are on exchanges) was like, lets go get a picture! So we did. Anyway I love you all! To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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