Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July 18, 2012

Hello Mom! I think that it is worse for Grandma and Grandpa to call all the time, it'll only make them more homesick. I know that if I had that option I would chuck out all the time. ( that means to be lazy) I got a letter from Grandpa from New Zealand though, super sweet he sent an All Blacks stamp and a leaf and a picture. I had to decipher his handwriting but I got it all eventually. It makes it more fun :)

I'm glad dad made it to work ok. Sounds like the car has been giving a lot of trouble lately. Maybe if Utah just had a Metro system like they do here we wouldn't need any cars.

That morning with Autumn sounds like a classic start to any youth camp hahaha :)

Sorry to hear about your ankle. I will be praying and fasting that everyone will get through their injuries/sicknesses and will have no more in the month of August. 

Guess it's time to play "Here's what happened in my week!" We have been doing a lot of less active work recently to make up for the lack of investigators we've had, but had an amazing Sunday where all the people we contacted and asked to come to church, did! That was pretty sweet and satisfying. We extended a b'date to K at church, we set it for August 5th! Hopefully all goes well! I have faith that it will. For transfers (duhn duhn duhn) we have some news. We are both... staying! That's right in all likelihood Elder L and I will be together for at least 2 more transfers. Elder W got moved to Anacostia and will probably be there for two. To be honest Elder L wanted to go to English program to have a change of pace, but the Lord decided that Elder L was needed here. I'm glad to be with him, our companionship unity has grown over the past few days.

The road goes ever on and on, down from the path where it began. Oh boy I better not singing that song, it'll make me trunky for "The Hobbit" this winter.

I love you Mom! AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE!!! To the edge, your son, Elder Schoemig.

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