Monday, December 10, 2012

December 10, 2012 - Few days early weekly report

Hey everyone it feels like not too long ago I was emailing home!  Having this Monday P-day is kinda weird.  Anyway as some of you already know it was my birthday on Friday!  I am now the age of 20 years.  I'm sure you all have experienced the dramatic increase in wisdom and knowledge when you have a birthday, it's like one day you are a little padawan and the next a Jedi Master.  But seriously, I don't feel any different other than the fact of looking back on this past year and seeing how far I've come and how much I've learned on my mission, and the fact that I don't have the word teen on the end of my age.  That'll take some getting used to.  I'm a grown up now hahahahahaha.
Well I want to give everyone the thrilling news!  I've been sick with the cold since last Thursday!  Wooooohoooooooooooooo!  So my birthday was actually kinda miserable however I did enjoy the rest, relaxation, and awesome "Cars"  birthday package I received.  The members here in Calvert ward have been very good to me however.  For my birthday dinner we went to the Summers home and had fajitas and birthday cake and ice cream and they got me a real good lookin purple tie!  I wore it to church on Sunday and got tons of compliments.  Then on Saturday night we went to the S's, our ward mission leader, and they got me a $20 Walmart gift card!  Along with the gifts I've got a lot of birthday wishes and "get well soon's" hahaha.   It's been a good birthday despite the sickness.  

Saturday afternoon we had the pleasure of visiting K B, the son of a member in our ward.  He was living with his dad in Pennsylvania before moving here recently.  He is not baptized so we started off by getting to know him for a couple of weeks by inviting him to the turkey bowl and basketball before our lesson on Saturday.  The Spirit was strong during the lesson.  Elder M and I make a good duo if it's ok to say so.  We know K could feel the Spirit by the way he listened, commented, and asked questions.  We invited him to be baptized on December 23.  He said yes.  Then he asked us a question that I didn't see coming but a question that I could answer honestly without a shadow of a doubt.  He asked us, "Is it worth it?"  and we both responded with a resounding, "Yes."  I promised him that these next two weeks while he prepares himself will be the best two weeks of his life.  We committed him to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith.  It was wonderful when we asked him if he believed if Joseph Smith did see the Father and the Son and he said in effect, "yes, why would someone make that up?"  We have another lesson with him and his little brother, S, who is 9 and not baptized tonight and we are eagerly awaiting it.  Pray for them, they are wonderful boys.  

Last night we went to the temple for the first time with the lights all up!  Bishop and his family drove us and it seemed like about half the ward was there!  Brother S is a renowned opera singer and he was performing so that's why a lot of people made the trip up.  The lights are beautiful, and what made it even more special was the fog.  The temple was truly a light on the hill, as the fog carried an ethereal glow around the temple and Christmas lights.  I got to see one of my very, very best friends as well there!  Elder J P from the DC South mission was there and we shared a long embrace and lots of smiles.  He looks so good!  We took pictures that I'll have to send off to him.  

This week will have some excitement to it as we have our mission conference with Elder Packer of the Seventy coming to inspect us or whatever he's gonna do.  I'll get my Christmas packages at that meeting :)

Love you as big as the universe!  To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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