Wednesday, December 26, 2012

December 26, 2012 - The day after Christmas ;)

Hey Mom it was awesome to see you yesterday and all I wanted to do too was just look at everyone's faces but the picture was blurry so that was a bummer.  It was my best Christmas this year too.  We had a lot of fun all day.  The fun started on Christmas Eve at the Woodward/Ostlund home and it's a big family of step-brothers and step-sisters so in total we had 18 people there I think.  Sister Woodward made poppy seed chicken which was delicious and I'm glad we didn't take any drug test's because we would have failed.  We played a game called Acquire with Bro. Woodward before dinner and played Ninja and foosball after dinner.  Christmas morning we went over to the Summer's home to open gifts and then went to 7-11 for Christmas breakfast haha.  A couple of donuts and hot chocolate is what I got.  The Christmas conference was special as Elder and Sister Olsen, the VC directors are going home soon so they said their goodbyes.  We watched "Elf" and I don't think I've ever laughed at a movie so hard in my whole life!  I got to sing "Santa Claus is Comin to Town", "Joy to the World", and do the haka for the lunch program.  It was good.  Then we went down to the Carter's home and I called you.  After that we had dinner and kinda sat around and played with the kids for a bit.  Bro. Carter and his youngest were sick so they stayed downstairs as us and the other guests were upstairs.  Sis. Carter had quite the time trying to take care of us all so we decided to relieve her of some unnecessary stress and we went back to the Summers.  We had Chinese food and Diet Coke while enjoying our time there.  Brendan and I played "Saratoga"(Stratego) together and I won, twice.  Then I played Isabelle and beat her once.  Yeah I've got a great military mind, I can beat a 13 and a 9 year old in Stratego.  I'm the next Ender Wiggin.  Anyway that put a cap on our night.  Today we woke up to snow! slush falling from the sky.  But it was white!  It was my first snowfall in DC and I'm suuuuuuuuuuuper cold because of it.  We visited the National Gallery of Art for a bit and so Michaelangelo's David Apollo that is there.  We also visited the American History Museum and toured pretty much everything in there.  A lot of it is closed for renovation to be opened in October 2015.  But the best exhibit I thought was the "Star-Spangled Banner" with the flag that flew over Fort McHenry that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the song.  It was really cool and stirred lots of patriotic feelings.
Going back to Sunday we had K and S at church along with K's girlfriend N.  They are out of town in Pennsylvania but it was so fantastic to get them at church and even better that night we went to the temple with them!  They marveled at the beautiful Christmas lights surrounding the even more beautiful temple.  It was fantastic and really helped them out.  Can't wait til they get back so we can see them again!

Looks like one really awesome recent convert in this ward, J M, will be moving to Richmond.  He found a better job with better pay there and cheaper cost of living so he's gonna move there.  He is amazing and his testimony is so solid so I know he'll do even better there than he is here.  

As the Christmas season comes to a close I look forward to the new year.  My goal is to have 2013 be the best year in my whole life so far.  Even better than the awesome year of 2012.  I know that the Lord will extend his blessings to me upon my faithfulness and obedience to his words which are written by our beloved prophets and inspired leaders.  I look to make my time here worthwhile not only to myself, but to others, who are the most important benefactor of my service.  

I love you Mom!  To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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