Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 2, 2013 - Spirit promptings

Happy New Year!  2012 is old news now and 2013 now rules the year.  I am reporting this day with a new companion!  Elder M left me for the streets of DC and Elder L from Blanding, Utah has taken his place.   Elder L is a really cool guy and we share some musical interests so that is good.  We are gonna have a great transfer and have tons of fun while also killing it in missionary work!  Thanks for the updates and stuff on all the kids and what's happening in their lives, I always love to hear those.  Give them my love and encouragement to keep trying their best!
I'm so glad we have health insurance now!  I've been doing ok without it, but I'm glad everyone can now go get checked out and make sure you're all ok.  

I'm sad Elder M left, we had a lot of fun together and really got along.  He's one of my favorite missionaries.  We had a good time together and managed to accomplish a lot despite being held up by sickness and the craziness of the Holidays.  Yesterday we had a fantastic day, we picked up a new family of investigators totaling about 9 people!  It was quite the miracle that it came to be.  We were outside a recent converts house making an appointment with the people who live across the hall from him in the apartment complex when we turned around and a man was coming up the steps.  I felt really prompted to talk to him.  It was a powerful impression.  I kinda explained what we as missionaries do then asked him if he knew anyone who needed our message.  He said his family did, so we set up an appointment for yesterday at 2.  We went over and knocked on the door.  They answered and let us in.  At first it was kinda awkward with mom and dad, they seemed like they didn't really want us over there.  But we sat down with the man who turned out to be a boy, he's 18, his name is D.  We got into our lesson with him and the Spirit was gently leading us to talk with him.  He said a lot of cool things about how he before was very religious and he was looking to get back to that.  On the second point, "The Gospel Blesses Families", mom jumped in and told us how impressed she was by us and how she would love to have us over to have a lesson with the WHOLE family.  She was talking about lots of stuff that I just couldn't help but think, "This family would make excellent Mormons!"  because everything she said was in line with what we believe.  It was really cool and we set up a return appointment that Elder L and I will go to this Saturday.  I can see this whole family getting baptized.  Their last name is G.  It's funny because our last recent converts are the B.  We are just gonna baptize all of the colors down here in Calvert hahahahaha.  

We are excited with K and S's baptism this Sunday!  They are fantastic and made it back home from Pennsylvania yesterday so Elder M got to say goodbye.  They are doing great and we just gotta keep on taking care of them.  

Our new ward mission plan was unveiled this past Sunday by our ward mission leader, Brother S.  It is truly an inspired plan and I can't wait to help the members get into it.  It was really cool when all the priesthood and auxiliary presidents testified about how much Brother S has been led by the Spirit for this plan and how much he's done to get this together.  I love Brother S he does a fantastic job.  

Anyway I look forward to this weekend and seeing some very good friends go into the waters of baptism!  Love you as big as the universe Mom!  To the edge, Elder Schoemig

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