Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 30, 2013

Hey Mom! Yes it did snow around here and was down in the teens in terms of temperature for a while but the past few days it's been in the high 60's! It's weird weather we're having, and I'm sad I'm missing all the good snow in Utah :( But today because of the nice weather we went down to the beach and looked for shells and sharks teeth. It was fun and spent a couple hours combing the beach. It made me reflect on the story Grandma Jarvis sent about how she was beach-combing too. I've come up with a parable as well:
There once were two men walking along a beach. They were looking for treasure's, specifically shark's teeth. They looked and looked and looked but didn't find any until at last one of them found one. "Oh now I know what it looks like so it'll be easier to spot!" said he, but they continued to look and look and look but didn't find any more. "If only there were someone who knew what shark's teeth looked like that could help us," one of the men remarked. "Well we just have to trust in what we've been taught in how to find them," said the other. Along their way however they saw different treasures, not shark's teeth but other things that were just as cool and meant just as much. A couple shells here and there, a pretty rock or a really old penny. These things may not have been shark's teeth but were treasure's nonetheless and held value to those two who found them. They had gone out and searched and tried their best and at the end of the day, both were happy.
That's my parable of the Two Men and the Shark's Teeth. I hope Grandma Jarvis likes it :) Anyway this past week has been pretty good, we got a new investigator named Sharon who really wants to start coming to church and reading the Book of Mormon. She's a former investigator and so she's had the lessons before but I can tell she's confused about some things still. We're chugging along! The other day we did A LOT of walking around because we are low on miles but it was tons of fun to talk to people and do tons of tracting. But made me very tired haha.
LOVE you to the END of the UNIVERSE and as always TO THE EDGE!
Elder Schoemig

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  1. Kenny! I loved your parable. I went beachcombing again today and yesterday. We went to a place called Curio Bay and you would not believe all the petrified wood there at low tide. We arrived at just the right time and spent a lot of time there. You can't take wood from there but I'll take the memories and the great shells as well. I Love You!!!