Wednesday, January 23, 2013

January 23, 2013 - Elder Schoemig got to meet two apostles and two senators today!

Hey Mom you'll never believe who I met today!  One guy in our ward, Brother P, works for Senator Murkowski's office from Alaska and he set up a Capitol building tour.  We were to meet in one of the Senate office buildings, the Hart building, and so we got there about an hour early.  We ran into Brother P and he said to follow him.  We went down to Senator Orrin Hatch's office and we just missed them going into a meeting.  But the desk people told us to stick around for a half hour and that's when they'd be done, so we did.  What I'm not telling you is who Senator Hatch had a meeting with.  That'll come later  hehe anyway so we're sitting in the Senator's office when Senator Mike Lee comes out!  We shake his hand and await the real prize  (is the suspense building?)  Next out is who we've been waiting for.... Elder L. Tom Perry and Elder Quentin L. Cook!  And Senator Hatch of course come out.  But it was crazy awesome!  We got to personally meet two of the 12 Apostles in the Senate office building!  Talk about where the true power lies haha.  Well rack Elder Perry up on GA's I've met.  4 down, 8 to go.  That alone made the trip well worth it.  We then proceeded to take a tour of the prestigious Capitol building and see cool old rooms and paintings and see a statue of Brigham Young.  It was way cool.  Quite the day I would say.
Anyway in regards to the work I am doing, this week is set up to be our most lesson filled week yet!  We have been calling less actives and part-members and tracting and talking to people.  It goes along with what Elder Perry told me this morning, "Don't stop til you've got 20 lessons!"  and that's what we plan to do!  

It has a taken a sharp dive temperature wise.  I am fully appreciative of the warm coat and gloves that I have.  Though we haven't had any snow soon I expect it won't be long.  

I thoroughly enjoy my studies, and I even more thoroughly enjoy talking about what I learn in my studies.  Elder L and I have good talks about the Gospel.  Recently we talked about Kolob.  That was at night and not the subject of my morning studies but we are both so fascinated with the stars so it had to come up haha.

The news from home is great!  Sad to hear about Dr. Davis, he is one of my hero's.  I will pray for him.  Glad to hear that people are getting to be less sick.  Good to hear of ol' Lone Peak beatin people on the head.  Very glad to hear I'll be receiving a package soon.  So will you!  One will be in a box and the other is a flat.  The flat is especially for you Mom and all the other belated Christmas gifts are in the box.  They said should get there next Wednesday.  Love you to the edge of the universe!

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