Good afternoon family! This week has been slow, we've been driving around again since the month changed and we're tryin to be as effective and efficient as possible. I've really learned a lot in Calvert ward and it has thrown me off my groove a little bit too. Which is a good thing. Routine is an enemy to revelation, as the quote goes. It's been on my mind that I might get transferred, as the end is next week. We'll see what happens and whatever does is what the Lord wants to do and I'm totally good with whatever He wants to do. We're trying to work with a woman named S who was a former and really interested. There's this other guy P who is a former and was interested but we're having a hard time meeting with him. Interesting bit of news this week is that we may not have as many missionaries coming out next transfer as previously thought. I'll keep you posted on that. Today we went to the temple and I did initiatory session and we got there about an hour before everyone else so I was the only one doing them since Elder L wanted to wait out in the hall. And much to my surprise as I was going through Elder W and Elder S joined me! I heard them and then saw them and was like, "Old companions back together!" It was really fun. We played basketball after and my team won 6 straight games before we had to go. It was awesome. Yesterday I had to give a workshop on loyalty and giving stuff up to be able to serve more fully. It was based on Elder Holland's talk from last conference. We listened to the talk then I gave the workshop and I was overwhelmed at the prospect of going after Elder Holland. That's some serious firepower! Anyway I thought I did ok and other Elder's told me they liked it so I guess I did well.
In other news, rings don't lie. Go Ravens!
To the EDGE of the UNIVERSE with LOVE!
Well I forgot to tell an interesting set of stories. We went to check on an HQ referral and he answered the door and said, "I'm really not interested. I was probably drunk." That was entertaining. Then I GQ'd this guy on the street and he was really nice but then went into a story about how his niece had just been murdered and that was really sad. I hate it when that happens. We went to this little place called Dairy Freeze and I thought it was gonna be bombdiddlicious like JCW's but it wasn't so that was bad. After Zone Training yesterday our whole zone went to this place called "The Tender Rib" and it was. About 30 white boys in suits in a BBQ joint in DC? Classic. And we just called P, our appointment for tonight, and he basically tried to drop us. He said he'd call us tomorrow. But we are having success in terms of teaching recent converts and less actives. Just some intriguing stories I thought you'd like to know :)
(Mom's note:  This Friday, Feb. 8th will mark the one year that Elder Schoemig has been out in the mission field!  :) )