Wednesday, February 20, 2013

February 20, 2013

Wow Mom lots of cool stuff going on! Thanks for the long email! It's great to hear how everyone is doing. I'll tell you whats happening in the ASL program. We are having lots of success with getting appointments so we've been pretty busy. We have an investigator named J C who right now is not in a position to progress due to her situation (can't get out of 3rd floor apartment by herself, she's in a wheelchair) but she will in the future. We are working on very basic principles with her such as who is God and how to pray. Another investigator is named N T, he's a Gallaudet student and friend of K M, a super cool convert of about a year and 3 months. He right now is not interested in conversion but wants to know what we believe and everything. He's super into Dragon Ball Z and anime so Elder W and him really get along. He's opening up to me. Third is T G, we had an awesome lesson with him in the temple visitor center and he accepted to be baptized! We just must now pick a date. He believes in Christ and God but has a lot to learn still. Yesterday in interviews President Matsumori told us to take the opportunity to be with the members as much as possible and strengthen them. One of our members, A C is in the hospital due to complications relating to a planned surgery so pray for her to get better. Family Home Evening on Monday night at J and D B house for the Gallaudet group was super awesome. Hopefully it can continue to grow and we can get some non-members there! I was so excited to see J! I saw him first in the Gally cafeteria and ran and gave him a huge hug and lifted him up! It was great to see how well he's doing. It was awesome to see K and the I's too. They are doing great and came to church on Sunday. Still we must strengthen them though. I'm very much in love with the ASL program! On Sunday a lot of the branch were shocked to see me! A lot of, "You're back!!!" was going on haha. I told President F I felt like I was born to be an ASL missionary and he agreed with me. Today for P-Day we played basketball and now I'm very very sore but it feels good :) Love you to the end of the Universe!

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