Wednesday, February 13, 2013

February 13, 2013 - Early Valentine gift!

Hey Mom!  First off, no we didn't get hit hard with snow like those in New England and New York.  Second of all, we thanks for the email and package I got today.  Third of all, I'm back in the Land of Sign Language!  Along with many other changes this transfer, the most surprising of which was they put me back in the ASL program!  It was strange because with the call-out to announce who was staying and going last Monday night, we got the news that I was leaving my area, Elder L was leaving his, and Elder S was leaving ASL.  I was like, "what's gonna happen?  are they gonna open up another ASL area?"  But today at transfer meeting they announced Elder L to go in an English area and right at that moment it hit me... I'm going back to ASL!!!  I started crying just overpowered with the Spirit of love and thankfulness to be back in the program that I love.  I made sure to tell President Matsumori thank you.  My time in Calvert was a special time for me, and I made friendship's there that will last forever, but I was born to be an ASL missionary.  Other changes in the mission include Sister's getting full-time proselyting area's.  Before they were part proselyting and part Visitor Center.  Now they are either full proselyting or full Visitor Center.  Another is they created a new zone, the Suitland Zone split and they made the Anacostia and Suitland zones.  Another is we got our first batch of 18 year olds today.  Four of them.  There are strange forces at work here in the DC North mission, and I am reminded that God works in mysterious ways.  I love you, AS BIG AS THE UNIVERSE!!!  to the edge... in sign language!

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