Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March 13, 2013 - 11 months to go

Hey Mom! I really enjoyed your email this week! I'm sorry everything is getting down to the last of it but I guess that's how it goes when the kids grow up. I am really really looking forward to being able to play sports with my little brothers when I get back! They will be a lot bigger and maybe even be able to rough me up a little bit haha. I think the Easter festivities sound fun! I was thinking this year that if you send me an Easter package it could be General Conference themed too! Be creative I guess :)

Well our investigator M is still super awesome. Last night we followed up on her reading 1 Nephi 8 and she totally drew a picture of the Tree of Life and the Iron Rod and everything. She was confused about the building though but it was easy enough to explain. She stayed for Night of Music and Inspiration afterwards at the Visitor Center and it was really nice. With T and S things are going along very nicely. They are both fully committed to living the Law of Chastity and are praying and looking for ways to live separately before they get married and T gets baptized. With J C she is learning slowly and she seems to enjoy the Book of Mormon Stories book so we read that with her.

Last Monday at the B household we had Family Home Evening and played the Skittle Game afterwards. It's a game where you have a circle of people and they each take turns taking 2 Skittle's out of the bag and they can't look. If they match colors they can chew it, if not they must just hold them in their mouths. You can chew all the Skittles in your mouth until either someone else pulls out doubles or you draw again. You keep on going around the circle until everyone quits or until the bag runs out, in which case you have a chewing contest to see who can eat all the Skittles fastest. I won :) I probably won't eat Skittles for a very very very long time haha.
Today was the temple trip! We did baptisms for the dead.  
I am going to go play basketball after emailing you. Wish me mad skills and stuff :)
Spring forward is getting to me too, super tired! Can't wait til I adjust. But the time change means spring is soon and that means..... cherry blossoms :) Elder W and I came up with a phrase to be sung to "Party Rock Anthem" it is "Everyday I'm taking pictures of cherry blossoms!" we know it doesn't fit very well but whatever.
Well I love you to the edge of the universe! To the edge and beyond!
Elder Schoemig 

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