Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013

Hey Mom thanks for the awesome letter! I'm so happy every week to be able to hear from home. I'm pooped today just like the last three weeks because today we played indoor soccer on the basketball court with two zones. It was way fun, I scored the first goal of the day. There was also a ping pong tournament and I lost in the first round. Oh well! Haha and Elder S from Samoa and Elder V from Tahiti made rice and curry and it was so delectable.
Anyway for a quick update on the area of American Sign Language: We watched the Joseph Smith movie with M last night at the temple. She (and the rest of us) were crying and she said, "oh gosh" and leaned on Sister J. She said in her prayer she had a question answered that she couldn't figure out how to ask so that is really good. We're working with T, getting his living situation figured out so he can progress to being baptized. With J C we went on Monday and cleaned her apartment as it was super messy. We vacuumed and threw out trash. We'll go back and clean some more soon. We are going to have a chili cook-off this Saturday that I'm excited for, I hope we can get some folks to attend that. Last Monday we had the K's for dinner and Sister K made Cafe Rio style burritos and I'm eternally grateful for that haha. We also had FHE with K and A, a couple Gallaudet students, and our senior couple. It was a lesson on service, then a Fear Factor activity mwhahahaha. We did searching for pennies in a mysterious substance (spaghetti), using only your mouth to get worms (gummy worms) out of a pie tin full of Cool Whip, and drinking a mysterious liquid (hot kool-aid and Tapatio sauce mixed together). It was awesome and we've got super good ideas for the next Fear Factor.
Anyway gotta go now! Love you to the edge of the universe! Elder Schoemig

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